Richard1I live in Plano, Texas, a Texan by choice. I taught finance and economics to Texas Instruments managers for 20 years as a lone eagle independent contractor. This took me all over North America and Europe, and once to Bangalore. I’ve done the same work for other companies as well. The one I enjoyed most was Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST), a brilliant little firm located just outside Amsterdam. I taught as a hobby at 8 universities over three decades, too, the last for 7 years at The Univ of Texas at Dallas. In the real world before I retired in 1992, I did new company start-ups and broken company turnarounds. I’ve made my way the last 22 years solely on the force of my ideas. All I ask it to be judged for good or ill by what I say, what I write, as my clients and friends have done all these years. I’m 67, married for 44 years and happier than a man has any right to be.