Norman Lear Admits To The Attitude White Liberals Hold Towards Black Americans

NormalLearby Patricia L. Dickson   10/5/14
In a stunning confession, Norman Lear, a liberal sitcom writer during the 1970s, outright admits to the unfavorable attitude he held toward black Americans in the television shows that he created and wrote for. More » • (1204 views)

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New anti-abortion video

Video Premier: John Elefante “This Time For Keeps”
An acquaintance of mine is on the team promoting this. (Elefante sang at his wedding.) I saw an advance copy of this video by the former Kansas lead singer. I think it’s very good. • (576 views)

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Please Donate Today: FRAXA Research Foundation

FRAXA logoWE ask for no money in running this site. We don’t take contributions. It’s a labor of love. But I want to do my best Jerry Lewis impersonation… More » • (1942 views)

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