Cassettes are, like, so 70’s

by Brad Nelson   7/14/14

I went to a garage sale on Saturday and picked up a brand new (never been unboxed) Yamaha KX-R430 RS stereo cassette deck. More » • (15479 views)

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Tablet Computers

by Brad Nelson   6/25/14

I may be in the market for a new tablet computer. What I currently have is an Acer A500 10.1 tablet computer. It’s a couple years old and has been very reliable. It has a lot of great ports that you don’t find on most other tablet computers (such as a full-size USB port). That was one of its best selling points. More » • (4263 views)

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eBook Readers

by Brad Nelson3/16/14

Unlike the iPad, the Android tablets (I run ICS 4.0.3) do not come with a good built-in book reader. I’ve been using Cool Reader, which was the best add-on reader I could find at the time when I bought the tablet a couple years ago. It is very customizable (a must for me in terms of the typography) and fairly easy to use. More » • (4014 views)

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Garmin eTrex 20 overview

by Brad Nelson   3/2/14

I gave this little device (and it is indeed a little device at 1.3 x 4 x 2.1 inches and 5 ounces) a real workout last summer. Normally when you think “blogger” you think slightly overweight and out-of-shape. Well, I do carry about 25 lbs. more than I need to. But I’m not out of shape…relatively speaking. More » • (6162 views)

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Black Box Down

by Brad Nelson   2/26/14

Today I’m christening the StubbornThings “TechBlog.” This is a place for all things techie, include reviews of technology or just thoughts on technology (or simply experiences with technology, as you’ll soon see). As with most things here, this sub-blog is somewhat a creative free-for-all. If you have something interesting and/or informative to say about technology, by all means, submit it for inclusion. More » • (2358 views)

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Turn Off, Tune Out, and Drop In

AntennaThumbby Kung Fu Zu
Over the last few years, I have found the programming spewed out of the 24/7 cable universe to be of ever-decreasing quality and interest. The cable providers stream several hundred channels to each customer, of which perhaps twenty are worth watching. More » • (2298 views)

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Bluetooth Schizophonia

Bluetoothby Brad Nelson
This isn’t another cell phone rant…at least not a typical one. There used to be this guy in our neighborhood who would walk down the street talking to thin air, often shouting at people that the rest of us could not see. Other times he would stand on the street corner and have a conversation — sometimes an argument — with nobody in particular that you could see. Schizophrenia may look like a Monty Pythonesque disease, but it’s hell for those who have it. More » • (1329 views)

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