Kobalt Hedge Trimmer/Kobalt Cordless Blower

by Gibblet11/25/17

Product reviews: Kobalt 40 Volt Hedge Trimmer with 24″ blade $149.  •  Kobalt 40 Volt Cordless Blower $89 on sale. More » • (325 views)

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Review: iPhone 6 Plus

by Brad Nelson9/8/17

I think Apple is soon coming out with the iPhone 8, or at least a revision of the 7. But given that my last cell phone was a cheap Boost flip-phone, consider this a cutting-edge review. I mean, other than reading your thoughts, what more could they pack into one of these phones in one revision? More » • (505 views)

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Review: Micca 15-Inch Digital Photo Frame

by Brad Nelson4/11/17

I like taking photographs. But once taken, what do you do with them? You can print them on a photo printer, but I’ve found inkjet printers to be problematic, at best. Unless you’re constantly using them, they tend to dry out. More » • (873 views)

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Review: Toro Ultra Blower/Vac

by Brad Nelson8/12/16

My reliable, if difficult-to-start, Black and Decker leaf blower finally gave up the ghost. It was a gas-powered unit. The advantage of gas-powered is freedom from an electric cord. More » • (1281 views)

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Review: Astro Tab A10

by Brad Nelson5/28/16

A couple of days ago my Acer A500 10” Android tablet died. I tried all the tricks I could find online to revive it but it remained stuck at the boot screen. You could power it on or off and get past the Acer logo screen to the Android boot screen which even animated the logo as usual to show that something must be happening. More » • (3084 views)

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Review: Nikon D3300

by Brad Nelson5/1/16

This will be a synopsis “trust me” review. There are many good reviews of the D3300 on the web (which generally put it at the top of the list for starter DSLRs) and I suggest you search some of them out before spending hundreds of dollars on a camera. In my review, I’m not going to go into every geek detail except the ones that I think are relevant for a rich overview. More » • (1500 views)

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Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Bagless Upright

by Brad Nelson11/29/15

There’s a back-story to this purchase that you don’t want to hear about. Suffice it to say, there is a Sears employee out there who never wants to see me (and my mother) again. Add a tenth circle to Dante’s hell in terms of shopping for vacuums. More » • (1311 views)

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Vitchelo V800 Headlamp

by Brad Nelson11/29/15

I’m trying to do a little catching up with the techie devices, large or small, that I’ve acquired over the last year or so. An LED headlamp for hiking was one of those acquisitions. More » • (1435 views)

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Magellan RoadMate 3045

by Brad Nelson   5/5/15

Recently I acquired a Magellan RoadMate 3045 GPS for the car. I acquired it in a roundabout fashion. A friend works for a rental car agency. More » • (3905 views)

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The Well-Equipped Peeping Tom

by Brad Nelson   2/18/15

I recently upgraded my binoculars from an old pair of Halco 7 x 35 (pictured at bottom) to the Bushnell (10 x 42) Trophy XLT which can be purchased at Amazon for about $107.00.

I was spurred to action to upgrade the other day while out hiking. I took along the Halcos to a favorite mountain top which has a glorious panoramic view of the Northwest, including Seattle on one side and the Olympic Mountains on the other. More » • (2678 views)

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Die, Epson, Die

by Brad Nelson   10/4/14

There are several things that need to be wiped off the face of this earth: the malaria parasite, “radical” Islam, and Epson inkjet printers, the kind that eat $30.00 cartridges with their endless “cleaning” cycles that never do actually clean or unclog anything but simply use up the ink until the cartridge is useless. Never again. More » • (6025 views)

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Pedal Power

by Brad Nelson   8/5/14

You’re looking at the newest member of the family, the Fuji Nevada 29 1.7. It was sort of a belated birthday present to myself…with the infusion of a little cash from a family member. More » • (5464 views)

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