Movie Review: Mad Dog and Glory

MadDogby Brad Nelson   4/23/14
With a 6.2 rating at, this is further evidence of the irrelevance of that rating system and of popular tastes in general. Thankfully, I don’t have popular taste. I have good taste…at least in movies. More » • (1143 views)

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Movie Review: The Mission

TheMissionby Brad Nelson   4/23/14
The De Niro marathon continues with The Mission…a beautiful and depressing film of Jesuits, natives, huge waterfalls, dense jungles, and the horrible Portuguese. More » • (1838 views)

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Movie Review: The Score (2001)

TheScoreby Brad Nelson   4/22/14
First off, here is your background music for this review. I find that movie reviews can, and should, be a fully immersive experience. More » • (1575 views)

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Movie Review: Wolf of Wall Street

WolfWallStby Brad Nelson   4/13/14
Allow me to save you three hours of your life. I have to believe this is a valuable service I’m performing, for I must try myself to get back those three hours spent watching The Wolf of Wall Street, the latest (and by no means greatest) Martin Scorsese film. More » • (1484 views)

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Movie Review: Rush

Rushby Brad Nelson   4/9/14
Formula 1 racing has always been a bit of a bloodsport. It is common to say, derogatorily, that people go to NASCAR races for the crashes. And that may be true, in part. The crashes and wrecks are an exiting part of the sport…and mostly a quite harmless part of the sport. More » • (3718 views)

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Movie Review: Radio

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu   4/6/14
Radio is a 2003 film about how the loving kindness of one individual can create a wonderful new world for another. Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the title character, Radio, a mentally handicapped young black man who wanders the streets of a late 1960’s or early 1970’s South Carolina town with an old grocery cart containing his various belongings. More » • (4088 views)

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Movie Review: Lebanon (2009)

Lebanonby Brad Nelson   4/3/14
What do guys talk about when they are together with other guys? They talk about women, sports, and guns. Whatever the age, it will be one of those three things. And it just so happened that the conversation the other day was about guns — tanks, specifically. More » • (3094 views)

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Finally, a Man Worth Killing

KingArthurby Jon N. Hall    3/26/14
NOTE: The following movie review, my first attempt at one, appeared on Sep. 4, 2006 at a long-defunct vanity website called DissectingPopCulture. I trot it out again because the movie is currently running on cable on both Encore (March 29) and Starz (April 1), so fire up your DVRs. More » • (9269 views)

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Movie Review: Gravity (2013)

Gravityby Brad Nelson   3/25/14
“I had that sinking feeling.” “I couldn’t weight for it to end.” I was thinking up all kinds of gravity puns while waiting for this highly over-rated turkey to end. No need to read this review. It will just be one long “WTF?” More » • (2655 views)

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Movie Review: Gentleman’s Agreement

PeckAgreementby Brad Nelson   3/17/14
This is an “issue” picture from 1947. Gregory Peck plays a reporter who pretends to be Jewish in order to investigate anti-Semitism. Along the way, he deals with an ailing mother and a couple chicks who dig him. More » • (1771 views)

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Movie Review: Nebraska

Nebraskaby Brad Nelson   3/14/14
Bruce Dern plays an old-fart grandpa whose hard drinking and chronically nagging wife have left him a bit in a self-imposed fog. But things are looking up. He may have just won a million dollars. More » • (1100 views)

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Movie Review: Captain Phillips

CaptPhillipsby Brad Nelson   3/14/14
The first logical question you may have regarding a movie such as this which includes the U.S. military as a major player, Is it anti-American? No. This is more of a documentary style of film. There’s not a lot of rah-rah going on one way or the other. More » • (1459 views)

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