Movie Review: Saving Mr. Banks

SavingMrBanks2by Brad Nelson   6/3/14
This is a somewhat fictionalized and sentimentalized account of the strained negotiations and birthing of the Disney film, Mary Poppins. The book’s author was the decidedly prickly P.L. Travers, played by Emma Thompson. More » • (2333 views)

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Movie Review: Mud (2012)

Mudby Brad Nelson   5/29/14
After watching Matthew in the mediocre and overwrought Dallas Buyers Club, I had to cleanse my palate from the aftertaste of that movie, especially the persona donned by McConaughey. This movie helped to do that. More » • (1177 views)

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Movie Review: Emperor (2012)

Emperorby Brad Nelson   5/26/14
Tommy Lee Jones is completely unsuitable as General Douglas MacArthur. Matthew Fox is a stiff as an actor. Plywood might have emoted better. Add to that some pro-Japanese revisionism and you have the makings of an atrocious movie. So why did I like it? More » • (1414 views)

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Movie Review: Mulholland Falls (1996)

mulholland-fallsby Brad Nelson   5/25/14
Sometimes it’s difficult figuring out why I have such great taste and the movie-going population, at large, does not. This movie is rated a meager 6.2 at I guess you could say this is a grown-up film not made for text-messaging attention spans. More » • (2031 views)

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Movie Review: Philomena

Philomenaby Brad Nelson   5/12/14
I was battling internally with whether to do a full-blown review of Philomena starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. The problem is, any review properly belongs not under “movie review” but “sociological study.” This film reminds me of many of Mr. Kung’s objections to the Inspector Gently episode, The Lost Child, which he reviewed. More » • (1527 views)

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Review: The Great Santini

GreatSantiniby Steve Lancaster    5/12/14
Pat Conroy is Georgia born and son of a marine fighter pilot. In 1963 he joined Citadel, Military College of South Carolina and that experience resulted in his books Boo (1970) and the Lords of Discipline (1980) and a long term rift between Citadel administration and Conway More » • (2311 views)

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Movie Review: A Bronx Tale

BronxTaleby Brad Nelson   5/3/14
[The following is an encore to the Robert De Niro marathon that previously aired on these pages. You can thank Glenn for that.]  •  De Niro (still not talking Italian, but acting very Italian) is at odds with his son who is attracted to the local mobster, Sonny LoSpecchio. More » • (2906 views)

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Movie Review: The Family

TheFamilyby Brad Nelson   4/25/14
Politics is easy. Movies are hard. I find doing movie reviews to be fun because of the challenge of putting into words why you like or dislike something. And it just gets tiring calling Obama and his friends “assholes,” which they are. More » • (1027 views)

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Movie Review: Mad Dog and Glory

MadDogby Brad Nelson   4/23/14
With a 6.2 rating at, this is further evidence of the irrelevance of that rating system and of popular tastes in general. Thankfully, I don’t have popular taste. I have good taste…at least in movies. More » • (1138 views)

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Movie Review: The Mission

TheMissionby Brad Nelson   4/23/14
The De Niro marathon continues with The Mission…a beautiful and depressing film of Jesuits, natives, huge waterfalls, dense jungles, and the horrible Portuguese. More » • (1825 views)

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Movie Review: The Score (2001)

TheScoreby Brad Nelson   4/22/14
First off, here is your background music for this review. I find that movie reviews can, and should, be a fully immersive experience. More » • (1571 views)

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Movie Review: Wolf of Wall Street

WolfWallStby Brad Nelson   4/13/14
Allow me to save you three hours of your life. I have to believe this is a valuable service I’m performing, for I must try myself to get back those three hours spent watching The Wolf of Wall Street, the latest (and by no means greatest) Martin Scorsese film. More » • (1478 views)

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