Movie Review: Room

Room2015by Tim Jones2/11/16
I went to see the movie Room a few weeks ago without any expectations other than having a general idea as to its story – one about a woman who is abducted and kept hostage along with her young son. More » • (780 views)

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Movie Review: Spotlight

Spotlightby Patricia L. Dickson1/3/16
The movie Spotlight tells the true events of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within Boston’s local Catholic Archdiocese in mid-2001. The scandal shook the entire Catholic Church to its core. More » • (568 views)

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Movie Review: Star Wars – The Twilight Awakens

ForceAwakensby Brad Nelson12/31/15
It’s no fun watching an old friend get old…and I’m not talking about Carrie Fisher. Hey, we’re all headed toward the Death Star trash compactor. The good news is that this movie isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The bad news is, it’s nothing new. It’s a reboot of A New Hope More » • (1243 views)

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Movie Review: Terminator Genisys

Genisysby Brad Nelson12/20/15
I RedBoxed this one last night. It’s the 4th? 5th in the series? I forget which slot this is in the franchise, and that is telling. It’s forgettable but watchable. If you’re a Terminator fan, you’ll want to see this. More » • (724 views)

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Movie Review: Woodlawn

Woodlawnby Patricia L. Dickson10/28/15
The movie Woodlawn is an Erwin Brothers Film that depicts real life events that took place in Alabama during the early 1970s at the height of desegregation. Historical footage from Governor George Wallace’s impassioned segregation forever speech played during the first minutes of the movie More » • (881 views)

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Movie Review: War Room

WarRoomMovieby Patricia L. Dickson9/22/15
I contacted one of my friends that I had not seen since I relocated back to the US to see if she wanted hang out. We decided to plan for a Saturday; however, we could not decide on what we were going to do. More » • (857 views)

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Movie Review: The Tea House of the August Moon

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu8/21/15
Are you down, feeling blue? Is all the world arrayed against you, can you do nothing right, does no one understand you? Then, may I suggest you watch this magical film. In two hours the world will be a much brighter place. More » • (1264 views)

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Movie Review: Straight Outta Compton

Straight-Outta-Comptonby Patricia L. Dickson8/17/15
When I first heard the movie Straight Outta Compton being advertised, I knew that I wanted to see it in order to fill in some historical blanks from the early 1990s. From late 1991 to January 1993, I was on an overseas assignment with the military. My overseas assignment was deep in the desert of Sinai Egypt. More » • (979 views)

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Movie Review: Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended versions)

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu8/11/15
This weekend, I sat through a sort of “Lord Of The Rings” movie marathon. On each night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I watched one installment of the trilogy. A glutton for punishment, I viewed the extended versions. More » • (3223 views)

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Movie Review: Jurassic World

JurassicWorldby Brad Nelson6/16/15
One of my favorite moments in the movie, Liar Liar, is when Jim Carrey, struggling to do otherwise, strains out “I…can’t…lie.” Well, neither can I regarding cinema. More » • (2079 views)

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800 Years Old: A Movie to Celebrate the Magna Carta

MagnaCartaby Jon N. Hall    6/15/15
Today is the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, June 15, 1215. Nearly four years ago I wrote a movie review appropriate for such an occasion. The headline was “A Ridley Scott Movie for Conservatives” More » • (1347 views)

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Movie Review: You Can Count on Me

CountOnMeby Tim Jones4/21/15
I recently watched again another one of my all-time favorite movies, You Can Count on Me, an independent film released in 2000. I remember it was the first time seeing Mark Ruffalo and being blown away by his great performance. More » • (1123 views)

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