Movie Review: The Lost Weekend

LostWeekendThumbby Brad Nelson
I suppose I should be having a couple of Buds while watching Ray Milland get plastered. But alcoholism is no laughing matter…except, of course, when it is. The comic drunk remains a staple of stage and screen. But “The Lost Weekend” isn’t one of those comical portrayals. It’s a tragic one. More » • (905 views)

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Movie Review: City of God

CityOfGodThumbby Brad Nelson
This movie is based upon a true story. First, a little Avatarcasm (I still can’t get that stupid movie out of my head but it makes for a fine foil for my morality tales)…

It can be a beautiful thing when children murder other children, especially when they are all “people of color” living an Avatar-like life in tribal naturalness. That yucky thing called “Western Civilization” is so oppressive and exploitative. More » • (902 views)

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Movie Review: Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

PirateRadioThumbby Brad Nelson
There were two opposing forces in this movie: British quirky and cultural stupid. In the end, it was British quirky (with the help of a boat load of great music) that won out. But this film starts off trying way too hard to show “Gee, aren’t we all the coolest people who are just so darn fun-loving and hip?” More » • (1996 views)

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Movie Review: Equilibrium

EqillibriumThumbby Brad Nelson
Please don’t read further if you are politically sensitive and don’t like wise-asses such as me. I’m quite passionate about freedom, and this is certainly one reason I love these kinds of movies. I love stories and movies about dystopia, including “1984,” “Fahrenheit 451” (not to be confused with Michael Moore’s propaganda film), “Animal Farm,” “Brazil,” (Robert DeNiro is wonderful in that) and, last but not least, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” More » • (2177 views)

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Movie Review: The Man in the White Suit

ManInWhiteSuitThumbby Brad Nelson
The other day I watched a film that could have been made only in Britain, and even then probably only in the 1950’s: “The Man in the White Suit.” And it’s a refreshing change from the typical fare offered up these days. Even if you are a reguarl fan of old black-and-white movies, you’ll find this to be a somewhat unusual and pleasing type of quirky. More » • (583 views)

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Movie Review: The Ten Commandments (Blu Ray)

HestonMosesby Brad Nelson
It’s strange. I had always thought of “The Ten Commandments” as a grand, biblical, faith-based story comprised of larger-than-life characters in a larger-than-life setting. And this certainly is a grand film. According to a Wiki article, it was the highest grossing film of 1957. And adjusted for inflation, it’s the fifth-highest grossing film of all time in the U.S. and Canada. More » • (934 views)

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Excalibur (Blu Ray) – Retrospective Review

ExcaliburLadyLakeby Brad Nelson
Perhaps the best movie that delves into the Arthurian legend continues to be John Boorman’s 1981 “Excalibur,” a full two hours and twenty that seems to slip by in but a minute. It is, to my mind, the gold standard for the myth. More » • (1000 views)

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Movie Review: The Queen

TheQueenby Brad Nelson
I’m a long-time PBS/BBC junkie, so this British film tickles my Masterpiece Theatre fancy. And Helen Mirren is what I call (and I’ll try to use some British understatement) an “accomplished actress.” No…heck, I just can’t do British understatement. She is a near goddess of actresses. More » • (869 views)

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Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods

CabinInTheWoodsby Brad Nelson
Speaking of whatever happened to Joss Whedon, I ran across this movie while browsing through Netflix looking for something to watch: More » • (913 views)

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Movie Review: A Shock to the System

ShockToSystemby Brad Nelson
I found this last night while browsing at random the streamable movies on Netflix. I thought, “What? A Michael Caine movie on Netflix that I haven’t seen? And with the Countess of Grantham in it (Elizabeth McGovern)? I’m there!” More » • (697 views)

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