Book Review: How the West Won

HowWestWonby Brad Nelson   6/16/14
Maybe one of you fine people here could write an article on why it matters getting the story of Western Civilization straight. This book doesn’t do that. It spends its well-spent time actually setting the record straight. More » • (4460 views)

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Book review: The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail

CampOfSaintsby Timothy Lane   6/14/14
This controversial apocalyptic novel of the failure of Western culture to defend itself against the Third World (assailing it with poverty as its justification) has been relevant for decades, but never more so than today as we see the feckless (or worse) refusal to protect the southern border of the United States against invasion. More » • (2986 views)

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Book Review: Mary Poppins

Poppinsby Brad Nelson   6/5/14
I don’t know if anyone can figure out P.L. Travers. Certainly the movie, Saving Mr. Banks, perhaps gives you a glimpse. But I think I’ve finally figured out Mary Poppins. She’s not a nanny, she’s a witch (and perhaps a good one). More » • (3295 views)

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Book Review: I Saw Ramallah

Ramallahby Steve Lancaster    5/18/14
I Saw Ramallah, by Mourid Barghouti, is a personal journey by an exile from the West Bank who returns after thirty years. Barghouti presents the problem of Arab exiles from the West Bank in the most sympathetic method imaginable. More » • (1483 views)

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Book Review: The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating

WildSnailby Brad Nelson   5/14/14
I ran across this book by chance. “Eclectic” is how you could describe my taste in music (anything but rap and opera). The same is somewhat true of the books I like to read. And this is one of them. More » • (1485 views)

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Review: The Great Santini

GreatSantiniby Steve Lancaster    5/12/14
Pat Conroy is Georgia born and son of a marine fighter pilot. In 1963 he joined Citadel, Military College of South Carolina and that experience resulted in his books Boo (1970) and the Lords of Discipline (1980) and a long term rift between Citadel administration and Conway More » • (2360 views)

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Book Review: Coming Apart

ComingApartby Steve Lancaster    5/4/14
Murray is perhaps best known for a book co-authored with psychologist Richard J. Herrnstein in 1994, The Bell Curve. Herrnstein passed away before the book was published and as the only living author Murray took both the kudos and the critical arrows. More » • (1364 views)

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Book Review: The Golden Spruce

GoldenSpruceThumbby Brad Nelson   5/4/14
For me, the point of book reviews is to connect books with readers and to flex my creative “summing up” muscles. It’s not always easy to get to the gist of an idea…or a book. But if you can (as seen with the generally excellent review system), it can save you a lot of time and money. More » • (2183 views)

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Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded

Krakatoaby Brad Nelson   5/2/14
First ask yourself one question: How much do I really need to know about a volcano that lies halfway around the world? Well, speaking as a guy, there are three main interests of the species: chicks, cars (“computers” is an acceptable answer), and blowing things up. And in terms of blowing things up, this is as big as it gets. More » • (2264 views)

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Book Review: The Battery by Henry Schlesinger

TheBatteryby Brad Nelson   5/1/14
Is it possible to write a sort of historical novel in and around the topic of the battery? Suffice it to say, this book isn’t filled will long, boring descriptions of cathodes and anodes. It’s more of a tale of electricity and its applications. More » • (2770 views)

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Book Review: The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead

CurmudgeonGuideby Anniel   4/29/14
By Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve  •  As soon as I saw the title of this book I knew I had to read it, so I sent for a Kindle sample. Just a note here about being able to get samples. It’s one of the best deals going. More » • (2857 views)

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Review: Denver is Missing by D. F. Jones

DenverIsMissingby Timothy Lane   4/20/14
At a time when the idea of storing carbon dioxide underground to protect against “climate change” (I just read the article on coal in the April issue of National Geographic, which discussed the topic), it seems appropriate to discuss a 1971 book that happened to suggest the possible implications. More » • (1592 views)

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