Five Questions

Jesus1by Deana Chadwell6/22/16
Please note that when I use the word “Christianity” I refer to essential theology as discovered through study of the Bible, not to “churchianity,” the elaborate, human construct that includes ritual, cant, legalistic rules and regulations, the accumulation of wealth, and the construction of hierarchies. More » • (1278 views)

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Why Did The Crowd Choose Jesus Instead of Barabbas?

JesusAndBarabbasby Patricia L. Dickson2/28/16
Matthew 27:19-23: 19 While he was seated on the judgment seat, his wife sent him a message, saying, “Have nothing to do with that righteous and innocent Man; for last night I suffered greatly in a dream because of Him.” More » • (2120 views)

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BridgeCrossby Jake Thompson12/13/15
Everyone loves freedom. It just seems impossible, however, and many have lost faith in the concept. Feeling victimized by others, trapped in jobs, controlled in relationships, many actively seek escape. More » • (980 views)

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Laughing Lesbian Lutheran

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu10/5/15
Today I came across the following article while browsing the web: World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space. I suggest everyone take a few minutes to read this piece More » • (1967 views)

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Will The Church Let The World Go To Hell?

TheCrossby Patricia L. Dickson8/23/15
America has witnessed our Supreme Court make same-sex marriage the law of the land with a 5-4 decision that changed the definition of marriage. After the decision was announced, one would think that churches all over America would have been protesting and marching in the streets. More » • (1629 views)

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God and Evil: My Answer for Michael Savage

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke6/2/15
Torture, pain, beheadings, the murder of children…. If God exists and is all good, how could He allow such suffering and evil? This is a common question, and a lament often an impediment to faith. More » • (2336 views)

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God’s Providence

Providenceby Jerry Richardson3/29/15
Is there a time in your life that you are personally convinced that you were providentially protected?  Why do you think that? I had such a time when I was 14-years old.Here is what happened. More » • (2975 views)

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The Star out of Jacob

StarJabobby Deana Chadwell  12/8/14
Christmas is almost here – we’ve put up our tree, we’re scurrying around town doing our shopping, and staring at the boxes of cards we need to get addressed. Christmas as usual, but every year I realize that I’ve learned something new about the birth of Christ More » • (2386 views)

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Eden and the Two Trees After the Fall

BibleThumbby Jerry Richardson12/3/14
The biblical account tells us that God had Adam and Eve ejected from the Garden of Eden lest they “…take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever”. What exactly is the meaning of that statement? More » • (2639 views)

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Pondering Perfection

Perfectionby Anniel  11/18/14
Be ye therefore perfect, as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect. (Matthew 5:48; KJV)  •  What does it mean to be perfect? More » • (3505 views)

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Life Imprisonment is a Hidden Death Penalty

Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General Audienceby Mark Tooley   11/3/14
Pope Francis expands on Church opposition to capital punishment.  •  Recently Pope Francis reiterated papal opposition to the death penalty and, going a step further, also renounced life imprisonment, which is the alternative that many death penalty opponents typically cite. More » • (1362 views)

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Terror and Salvation

BridgeCrossby Deana Chadwell    11/2/14
We all have the same future. We will all die; we will leave this planet for parts unknown. Well, unknown to some of us. There are those of us who are very sure where we’re going; we may have some misgivings about how we might get there – I know I’m not at all afraid of being dead More » • (1414 views)

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