What is the real reason why the GOP Establishment want to stop Trump?

Trump4by Patricia L. Dickson3/8/16
The two current frontrunners for the Republican Party nomination for the presidency are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Marco Rubio is a distant third or fourth, depending on the primary.  The GOP establishment has not hidden its intention to thwart Donald Trump from securing the party’s nomination. More » • (2081 views)

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The Farce of Congressional Hearings

Hearingby Anniel3/7/16
After following what has happened to The Benghazi Families, Mark Steyn/Judith Curry, victims of crimes by illegal aliens, and now the ICE Agent, why would anyone on God’s green earth subject themselves to the insanity of a Congressional Hearing? More » • (749 views)

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The Conscience of a Liberal

Conscienceby James Ray Deaton3/6/16
It’s really getting old to constantly see all these press conferences, articles, prepared statements, blog posts, tweets, twitters and tattles in which some Democrat/liberal/progressive spills his guts in a public cri de coeur about how he cannot in good faith support More » • (672 views)

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Diagnosis Trump

ShrinkCouchby Patricia L. Dickson3/5/16
It appears that Donald Trump is already creating new jobs in the field of psychology.  He is at least improving the economy in the D.C., area with patients visiting their therapists more often due to experiencing a new source of stress because of the political rise of Donald Trump. More » • (808 views)

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The Corruption of a Conservative

Trump5by Brad Nelson3/4/16
I admit it. I’ve been corrupted by this culture…so much so that Donald Trump is looking like a breath of fresh air — if bombastic, bullying, and overblown air. More » • (1680 views)

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The ‘Unchecked Power’ to Tax

Taxesby Jon N. Hall    3/3/16
Should government be allowed to tax everything? Should elected officials have the power and the latitude to tax every transaction, every activity, every non-activity, and every single little thing in our brief little lives? More » • (697 views)

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America is sick, but not because of Donald Trump

Trump5by Brad Nelson3/2/16
My daily chore is to do at least a little bit of internet browsing as show-prep. It’s a real pleasure to run across a concise and coherent article on politics. We’ve had more than a few people publish them here. More » • (2451 views)

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Jobs Americans Won’t Trump

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright2/29/16
You just can’t make this stuff up. It is beyond ironic and hysterical to boot. I’ll get to why in a moment. First the what: Donald J. Trump, aka Mr. Build The Wall — Mr. Deport Them All — Mr. Make America Great Again — is under this crazy impression that there are certain types of jobs that Americans won’t do. More » • (1146 views)

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Evangelicals Are Politically Irrelevant

FalwellJuniorby Fay Voshell2/28/16
A plurality of evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in the Nevada caucus. 41% voted for The Donald; 26% voted for Cruz. What exactly does evangelicals’ support for a man like Trump signify? More » • (1023 views)

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Evangelical Pastors Chastise Christians for Supporting Donald Trump

Trump4by Patricia L. Dickson2/27/16
Some Evangelical Pastors and Christian leaders have recently decided to publicly chastise Christians for supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump. These Christian leaders cite Bible verses to support their rationale in an attempt to shame members of the Christian community to not support Trump. More » • (2056 views)

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Making Peace with The Donald

Trump5by Brad Nelson2/27/16
First off, I hope you like the new banner at the top. If you hate it, you won’t hurt my feeling for saying so. Being in the world of graphic design, you have to live with a certain amount of rejection and try to make the best of it. More » • (1713 views)

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Cupcake Kasich is a (Rather Dull) Tyrant Enabler

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke2/26/16
When Governor John Kasich said recently that he probably should be running in the Democrat Party, he wasn’t kidding. Although seeking office in Cuba might be even more fitting. More » • (730 views)

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