The Peasants Are Revolting

PeasantsPitchforksby James Ray Deaton4/10/16
They certainly are! It’s clear that old-guard elites of both parties fear freewheeling democracy and the inconvenient choices of the great unwashed masses. I mean, talk radio audience types and base voters of both political parties More » • (817 views)

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Trump’s Irrational Trade Non Sequitur

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright4/5/16
Donald J. Trump is rich and therefore is a macroeconomic genius and Jedi mind trick negotiator who always wins. So we are told by his legions of anonymous prolific keyboard cowboys on the internet and a lot of talk show hosts who formerly understood economics. More » • (1471 views)

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If Bakers Can be Forced to Service Faux Weddings, so Can Churches

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke4/4/16
As our Great Sexual Heresy continues its march onwards and downwards, state governments have forced bakers, wedding planners, florists and other businessmen to service faux weddings. More » • (803 views)

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Nullifying the Republican Primaries

RNCconventionby Jon N. Hall    4/3/16
On Super Tuesday II, not to be confused with Taco Tuesday, I dutifully trekked over to a nearby church to vote in the Missouri presidential primary, despite it being the Ides of March. It wasn’t surprising to see that Missouri had yet again changed its ballot. More » • (1302 views)

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A Dangerous Game

GlobalDominationby Mr. Lesser (GHG)4/1/16
The left is playing a dangerous game. The objective is domination. The rules are there are no rules. The term “left” generally refers to liberal or socialist socio-economic philosophy and governance. More » • (799 views)

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Slouching Toward Washington

QuestionThinkingby Deana Chadwell4/1/16
I’ve lived through and paid attention to elections going all the way back to Eisenhower. Each time, people chose up sides, whacked away at the opponent, and the votes fell where they fell. More » • (799 views)

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Cult of Trump

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu3/26/16
The American political system is deathly ill. And although Donald Trump is not responsible for the sickness, his campaign is an unmistakable sign of national degeneration. It is a cancerous carbuncle which has finally surfaced due to the years of untreated corruption in the body politic. More » • (2303 views)

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Death of America

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke3/18/16
Why This Presidential Election isn’t as Important as People Think • It’s easy to get wrapped up in men and moments. In the current election season, for instance, we may see a candidate appearing to embody all our hopes and dreams (or at least many) and come to assign him country-savior status. More » • (977 views)

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Lurching Towards a Contested Convention

RNCconventionby Jon N. Hall    3/16/16
One of the reasons that electing a U.S. president is such a big deal is because once sworn in, there’s little likelihood that he/she could ever be removed from office. Oh, if a president were, let’s say, caught in the Lincoln Bedroom in bed with a dead woman or a live boy More » • (976 views)

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Blinking Cruz

TedCruz2by Brad Nelson3/13/16
Clarice Feldman gives a rather scathing reproach to Cruz, probably deserved, regarding his weak wobble words of non-defense of freedom regarding the mob’s shutting down of a Trump rally in Chicago. Cruz instead found a way to take a narrow and cheap shot at Trump: More » • (1657 views)

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Carson Shows His True Colors

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu3/11/16
Dr. Ben Carson has come out and endorsed Donald Trump. I had long suspected the good Dr. was something of a phony and unserious candidate, but this action confirms it. More » • (1429 views)

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Is Kasich Really the ‘Adult’ on X-rated GOP Stage?

JohnKasichby Linda Harvey   3/8/16
As Donald Trump and Marco Rubio traded jabs about male genitalia, my Ohio governor, John Kasich claimed he was above it all. Kasich said at the Detroit debate, “People say, everywhere I go, you seem to be the adult on stage.” More » • (931 views)

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