The Therapeutic Society

Marxby Brad Nelson
There are basically two opposing forces we’re dealing with today. One is Marxism. Marxism is simple enough to understand. It’s the plundering of others under the guise of “fairness” or “equality.” More » • (784 views)

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“Social Justice”: The Tonic for Narcissists

JusticeThumbby Brad Nelson
Guilt (misplaced guilt) is absolutely central to the problems we face today, both economically and morally. The misplaced guilt by those who have done well and are living well is one of the things tearing us apart.  More » • (833 views)

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Backwards to Socialism

SocialismThumbby Brad Nelson
It is surely deep in our human nature to either want to lead or to follow. From history (particularly the last century) we can see the strong and ultimately tyrannical drive by some to remake society in their image, to substitute people’s individual destinies for their own.  More » • (683 views)

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