Shrugging Thoughts

ShruggedThumbby Brad Nelson
I think we’re at the point in time where you just have to let events unfold. We’re witnessing some of the times that try men’s souls. The world is trying to realign itself into a thugocracy based upon power, not principle. “Rights” are whatever the powerful say they are. More » • (1455 views)

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All Together Now, “I hate the rich”

EatTheRichby Brad Nelson
One of the biggest sins these days is to have wealth. Don’t bother telling anybody that you produced that wealth by working hard for it. All that matters is that you have it. By having it, you have more than someone else, which is a sin in the eyes of those who hold equality-of-outcome as the greatest value instead of freedom. More » • (785 views)

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The Pina Colada Song — Your Guide to Writing

TeaPartyThumbby Brad Nelson
I’ve had the Pina Colada Song going through my head all morning. I figure there must be a reason for it. If not, I’ll put that song to some use anyway. More » • (2488 views)

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Stubborn? You Bet — Here’s Why

OldFlagby Brad Nelson
Perhaps there is no such thing as total unselfishness. Everyone has some interest behind what they do. But there certainly are such things as duties and responsibilities. More » • (1367 views)

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The Litter Bag Mentality

Tree Huggerby Brad Nelson
I just thought of the absurdity of litter bags and the mentality behind them while emptying out the few trifles I had in my own car’s litter bag. I don’t like driving around with a litter bag. It just litters up my car. More » • (1060 views)

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The Therapeutic Society

Marxby Brad Nelson
There are basically two opposing forces we’re dealing with today. One is Marxism. Marxism is simple enough to understand. It’s the plundering of others under the guise of “fairness” or “equality.” More » • (799 views)

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“Social Justice”: The Tonic for Narcissists

JusticeThumbby Brad Nelson
Guilt (misplaced guilt) is absolutely central to the problems we face today, both economically and morally. The misplaced guilt by those who have done well and are living well is one of the things tearing us apart.  More » • (842 views)

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Backwards to Socialism

SocialismThumbby Brad Nelson
It is surely deep in our human nature to either want to lead or to follow. From history (particularly the last century) we can see the strong and ultimately tyrannical drive by some to remake society in their image, to substitute people’s individual destinies for their own.  More » • (691 views)

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