Welcome to EbolaCare — but the Website is Down

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke   11/14/14
A well known phenomenon in the animal kingdom is that when taking over a new pride, a lion will sometimes kill all the cubs. We don’t know exactly what kind of feeling drives him in this bloody act, but there’s obviously a lack of attachment. Suffice it to say the problem can be summed up thus: it’s not his family. More » • (887 views)

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Black Liberal Intellectual Downplays Mia Love’s Historic Election

MiaLoveby Patricia L. Dickson   11/14/14
I knew it wouldn’t take long for liberal black intellectuals to weigh in on the historic election of the two black Republicans to Congress.  The election of Representative-Elect Mia Love (R-Utah) and Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) makes it more difficult for the liberals, mainly our esteemed black intellectuals More » • (1452 views)

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Black Democrat Lawmaker Calls Ohio Democrat Party a Plantation

Plantationby Patricia L. Dickson   11/13/14
A black Democratic member of the Ohio State House of Representatives decided to wait until after the midterm elections to file a lawsuit against his own party.  State Rep. John E. Barnes, a Cleveland Democrat, has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Ohio Democrat Party and its chairman alleging discrimination. More » • (1158 views)

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The Party of the State

PartyOfStateby N. A. Halkides   11/12/14
The Democratic Party has long been referred to as “the party of government,” so I can lay no claim as to having invented this description, but as far as I know, no one has ever delved too deeply into exactly what it means.  Perhaps users have intended by the term to indicate that Democrats favor Big Government. More » • (1190 views)

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It’s Official: The Democrats are the Party of the Devil

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke   11/12/14
Perhaps the first clue, or the ten thousandth, was when many Democrats opposed the reinsertion of God into their party’s platform in 2012 and booed the judgment that the measure to do so had passed. But now it’s official: More » • (1005 views)

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Lecture Me Not, Gun-grabbers, on My Rights

GunRightsby Jerry Richardson11/10/14
Gun-grabbers have been increasingly losing the so-called “gun-control” debate, especially in the past 14 years. Why? More » • (1941 views)

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The Alice in Wonderland Defense

WordsMeanThingsby Jerry Richardson11/8/14
Words need to mean something; and we have reached a critical time in US legal history that requires words to mean something if our freedoms are to survive. More » • (2240 views)

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Democrats Finally Overplayed Their Hand

Matthews1by Patricia L. Dickson   11/7/14
Although it feels like it was a long time coming, the Democrats have finally gotten their just deserts, and I must admit that it is a guilty pleasure to witness their meltdown. More » • (5422 views)

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Too Late Smart

willpennyby Jon N. Hall    11/3/14
In the movie western Will Penny (1968), Charlton Heston’s title character, an ageing cowboy, is thrown together with a young woman who has taken possession of the crude cabin he is to occupy while watching over the far reaches of his employer’s huge cattle ranch. More » • (1695 views)

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Understanding Obama’s Ebola Psychosis

Ebolaby Matthew Vadum   11/3/14
Many Americans believe that the Obama administration’s schizophrenic behavior during the unfolding Ebola crisis is proof that Barack Obama is an incompetent chief executive. More » • (1290 views)

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Life Imprisonment is a Hidden Death Penalty

Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General Audienceby Mark Tooley   11/3/14
Pope Francis expands on Church opposition to capital punishment.  •  Recently Pope Francis reiterated papal opposition to the death penalty and, going a step further, also renounced life imprisonment, which is the alternative that many death penalty opponents typically cite. More » • (1361 views)

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Does Barack Obama Have Blood on His Hands?

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke   11/3/14
Little Eli Waller will never grow up to be president. The four-year-old New Jersey boy will never grow up to be anything because enterovirus D68 took his life — quite possibly because a boy who did grow up to be president, but not really a man, invited the virus into our country. More » • (1281 views)

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