A Legal Argument Can Be Made Against Abortion

Abortion3by FJ Rocca7/26/15
In 1973, the Supreme Court held that abortion was legally the choice of every woman, regardless of her reasons for wanting to have an abortion. Specifically, the Court said that the only balancing argument was whether the abortion took place before or after the fetus had achieved “viability,” More » • (1069 views)

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The Limits of State Power

AndyMcCarthyby John Kirke7/21/15
An Open Letter to Andrew C. McCarthy  •  Author’s Note:  At least in earthly matters, I believe in what Robert Maynard Hutchins describes as “the Great Conversation,” the dialogue that spans the ages More » • (831 views)

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President Surrenders Flag To Our Enemies

BurkaFlagby Leigh Bravo7/21/15
We have watched President Obama honor plenty of fallen Americans, but the majority of them just happen to be crooks, thieves, illegal aliens or followers of Islam!  What happened to honoring our fallen Military? The men and women who fight for our freedoms. More » • (767 views)

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How the Country Became So Divided

DividedNation2by Tim Jones7/18/15
And Why its Destined to Stay that Way  •  The deconstruction of language that began with the two French philosophers, Michael Foucalt and Jacques Derrida, opened up everything to interpretation. That in turned opened up meaning to be determined by whatever one wants it to be. More » • (1755 views)

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New Class Structure in America

RulingClassby FJ Rocca7/16/15
The Liberal Democrats encourage class warfare among the rich and the poor. They treat these groups as though they were collective masses of humanity, one mass poised against another. More » • (832 views)

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A Criminal Haven For Our Enemies under Obama

Skeletonby Leigh Bravo7/16/15
President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry agreed and signed a deal with Iran. Although just yesterday, Iran citizens and their leader were burning the American flag and shouting death to America and death to Israel. More » • (1573 views)

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The Presidential Primary System and What to Do About It

democracy-voteby Jon N. Hall    7/15/15
The following article appeared at GOPUSA on Oct 19, 2009. It’s no longer up there, as far as I can tell. Given the political season we’re in, the central idea, which I still believe in, is timely. More » • (2352 views)

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Who Ought to be Running America?

Communityby FJ Rocca7/15/15
Traditional social values are under attack by several so-called “communities” on whose behalf “activists” do various things to offend the rest of us. On behalf of the “LGBT community” several people were recently photographed at the white house flipping the bird to the camera whilst standing beneath the portrait of Ronald Reagan. More » • (1741 views)

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Sex, Evolution, and the Left

Darwinismby N. A. Halkides7/9/15
It’s been a rough three weeks for us Conservatives, although neither of our two recent losses in the Supreme Court were exactly unexpected:  it would have been surprising if Chief Justice Roberts had grasped the opportunity offered by a generous Fate to correct his mistaken opinion in NFIB v. Sebelius More » • (2001 views)

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Incoherence, Thy Name Is ObamaCare

ObamaCareby Jon N. Hall    7/9/15
In “Pimento,” the ninth episode of Better Call Saul, AMC’s new series about an unethical lawyer, trial lawyer Chuck McGill heatedly accuses his shyster brother Jimmy of not being “a real lawyer.” Chuck then exclaims: “The law is sacred!” More » • (751 views)

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Will Same-Sex Marriage be the Nail in the Coffin?

BlackChurchby Patricia L. Dickson7/9/15
It appears that the the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on same-sex marriage may have forced the black church to finally admit to the Democratic Party’s stance on the fundamental beliefs of the Christian Church. More » • (6117 views)

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A United States of Europe will Never Prevail

Euroscepticism2-EUby FJ Rocca7/6/15
George Washington once said, “Someday, following the example of the United States of America, there will be a United States of Europe.” Since the end of the Second World War, Europe’s various political leaders tried repeatedly to unite. Their efforts ultimately resulted in what is now known as the European Union (the “EU”). More » • (1243 views)

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