Jobs Americans Won’t Trump

Trumpby C. Edmund Wright2/29/16
You just can’t make this stuff up. It is beyond ironic and hysterical to boot. I’ll get to why in a moment. First the what: Donald J. Trump, aka Mr. Build The Wall — Mr. Deport Them All — Mr. Make America Great Again — is under this crazy impression that there are certain types of jobs that Americans won’t do. More » • (1157 views)

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Evangelicals Are Politically Irrelevant

FalwellJuniorby Fay Voshell2/28/16
A plurality of evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in the Nevada caucus. 41% voted for The Donald; 26% voted for Cruz. What exactly does evangelicals’ support for a man like Trump signify? More » • (1029 views)

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Evangelical Pastors Chastise Christians for Supporting Donald Trump

Trump4by Patricia L. Dickson2/27/16
Some Evangelical Pastors and Christian leaders have recently decided to publicly chastise Christians for supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump. These Christian leaders cite Bible verses to support their rationale in an attempt to shame members of the Christian community to not support Trump. More » • (2100 views)

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Making Peace with The Donald

Trump5by Brad Nelson2/27/16
First off, I hope you like the new banner at the top. If you hate it, you won’t hurt my feeling for saying so. Being in the world of graphic design, you have to live with a certain amount of rejection and try to make the best of it. More » • (1722 views)

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Cupcake Kasich is a (Rather Dull) Tyrant Enabler

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke2/26/16
When Governor John Kasich said recently that he probably should be running in the Democrat Party, he wasn’t kidding. Although seeking office in Cuba might be even more fitting. More » • (737 views)

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Liberals and Satire

JesterHatby Timothy Lane2/24/16
Liberals are famously humorless, an affliction especially associated with feminists. (“How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? One — and that’s not funny!) But that isn’t really quite the case. More » • (1068 views)

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God, Conservatism, and Donald Trump

Trump4by Trevor Thomas2/22/16
For the last several days, I’ve spent a lot of time spreading the following paragraph around the Internet: More » • (3266 views)

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Sanders Running for VP

BernieSandersby Tim Jones2/21/16
His fans can count on it as his consolation prize  •  Now that Hillary has won the Nevada caucus, you can take it to the bank that Sanders will be her running mate. He will continue to challenge her in all of the upcoming primaries More » • (705 views)

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The Donald’s Shaky Foundation

AngryChildby Deana Chadwell2/20/16
There are two kinds of people in this world: those who, deep in their core, are bolted to bedrock, and those who are loaded on wheels, on pontoons, on hang gliders, on whatever will allow them to roll downhill or to float with the winds whenever they come flying. More » • (1483 views)

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Supporting Donald Trump: If You Can’t Beat Liberals, Join Them?

Trump4by Peter Heck2/18/16
If conservative pundits like Ann Coulter and Breitbart’s John Nolte want to make fools of themselves, so be it.  But as a Christian and by consequence a political conservative, I want no part of the Donald Trump campaign. More » • (1317 views)

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Did Justice Scalia Already Give Us the Solution to the Problem of Filling His Seat?

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke2/16/16
The death of the intrepid Justice Antonin Scalia has shaken the political world. If his successor’s appointment cannot be delayed until the next presidency, it’s assured that an unassailable hard-left majority will control the Supreme Court. More » • (752 views)

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It’s All Too Common

AnnoDomini1by James Ray Deaton2/15/16
I was born A.D. (Anno Domini) 1956, but if the progressives have their way, I’m likely to die sometime in the Common Era (CE). Really, can’t liberals leave anything to do with Western life, tradition, culture and religion alone? More » • (1098 views)

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