Fasta Pasta

by Brad Nelson   1/29/18

This product at least marginally fits under the “Health and Fitness” topic, although making it easier to pig out on a good batch of spaghetti is a reach. More » • (184 views)

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37 Calorie Brownies

by Brad Nelson   10/21/17

I found this recipe online and then made some small changes. A friend of my brother’s recently underwent bypass surgery (which was successful). More » • (265 views)

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Recipe: Crock-Pot Chili

by Brad Nelson   2/20/17

This recipe is for maximizing the output of a 6.5 quart slow cooker. This is very convenient for preparing the night before and having for lunch or dinner the next day. I’ve made this at 8:00 pm at night and had it the next day for lunch. It doesn’t seem to overcook. More » • (1134 views)

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A Garden Is Always Changing

by Gibblet10/4/16

“You make me realize, Gibbett, that it isn’t truly a garden unless it’s a garden-in-progress. A garden is always changing.” — Brad Nelson

There was a song we sang in high school choir, “The River”. It had a haunting legato that brought to mind Washington’s Mighty Columbia River. The lyrics went something like, “Rushing onward, yet ever the same. Reaching outward, yet still to remain constant.” More » • (1273 views)

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As Simple as Apple Pie

by Brad Nelson9/19/16

There’s an old abandoned orchard deep in the woods where I regularly hike. It contains apples from four different kinds of apple trees. The apples fall to the ground and generally go to waste. It doesn’t seem the deer even eat them. I’ll often grab a couple to eat while hiking or biking. More » • (5361 views)

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Recipe: Beef Stew

by Brad Nelson   7/25/16

Tim’s Elizabeth (or is it Elizabeth’s Tim?) mentioned a stew recipe that sounded good and vaguely similar to mine. So I said I’d post my recipe and compare. More » • (1350 views)

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Recipe: Blueberry Muffins

by Brad Nelson   1/17/15

I made it through the holidays mostly intact. My last weigh-in was 195 lbs. The five different types of Christmas cookies that I baked didn’t help. They were high-calorie all the way. More » • (1764 views)

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State of the Slobocracy

by Brad Nelson   9/12/14

I thought it was time to make an official address on the #2 menace to society. (We all know who and what the #1 menace is.) I mean, of course, the Slobocracy. More » • (7166 views)

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Shade of the Trees

by Brad Nelson   7/6/14

Perhaps this should be posted in the “Poetry and Prose” section. But I’ve never been a stickler about something being “off topic” as most sites are. Who acts like that in real life? More » • (4225 views)

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All things Slobocratic

by Brad Nelson   6/22/14

I’m inaugurating the Health/Fitness blog on StubbornThings. This is where you can go to just lament getting older and/or to offer advice for how to live forever — or, short of that, how to live better. More » • (3882 views)

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Fighting the Slobocracy

by Brad Nelson   5/11/14

I was in Safeway yesterday looking to buy a sandwich platter for Mother’s Day. (By the way, Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out there, not perhaps including the pretend families where two homosexual guys adopt a child and then struggle over who is to be the mother on such a day as this.) And while shuffling down the aisles, I couldn’t help noticing what a bunch of slobs we’ve become, yours truly included. More » • (6182 views)

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