Define God

GodThumbby John Sobert Sylvest
The term God often signifies a putative reality which many have spontaneously hypothesized through abductive inference, such as Charles Sanders Peirce, who referred to Ens Necessarium, such as Hans Kung, who referred, epistemologically, to primal ground, More » • (1518 views)

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The Withering of the Conservative Soul

IdiotBoxby Brad Nelson
The sub-headline of this article could well be “Leave it to Beaver vs. Pornographic Violence” or even “Postmodern Jonah.” It’s regarding Jonah Goldberg’s essay that views the cable series Breaking Bad as some kind of great conservative series. More » • (1627 views)

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Random Thoughts

RandomThoughtsThumb2by Brad Nelson
Thoughts from my head to yours, with very little chance of acquiring a communicable disease. Join me for a look at the absurd, the remarkable, and the whacky. More » • (1213 views)

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Confessions of a Carnivore

RedMeatThumbby Brad Nelson
First off, I’ve learned a great deal about the WordPress software and the various plugins or “widgets” available for it. This is generally the sort of geeky stuff I like doing. And I confess a taste for red meat as well…too much so. More » • (1251 views)

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Random Thoughts

RandomThoughtsThumbby Brad Nelson
I saw a minivan on the highway this morning with two “Coexist” bumper stickers on it — one on the back and one on the Left side. I followed it for a while until I noticed the van veering slightly from side to side in the lane. More » • (1643 views)

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Thanks For Smoking

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu
Some years ago, while residing in Singapore, my wife and I lived in a renovated townhouse which had been built in colonial times. The homes had no private parking so I parked my car in a public parking lot about a 30 second walk from my front door. More » • (1059 views)

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