Jonah, Inc. and Other Thoughts

RandomThoughtsThumb2by Brad Nelson
I am a freak, a fool, and just sometimes plain naive. But I have this strange thought that there is more to life than marketing, self-interest, self-promotion, and the accumulation of “hits” or “likes.” More » • (2785 views)

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We are the Exception

WeThePeopleThumbby Deana Chadwell
[T]his last month Vladimir Putin wrote in the New York Times an op-ed that, in part, chastised America for her insistence that she is exceptional. Well, Vlad, America is absolutely unique, whether you, or Obama, think so or not. More » • (1274 views)

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Orwell Parodies

BigBrotherThumbby Timothy Lane
I long ago noticed that increasingly Orwellian nature of modern liberalism, which has only increased with the advent of Barack Obama. So in recent issues of FOSFAX, I’ve done a number of take-offs of Orwell (with very little change in wording other than names, in itself a telling indicator) targeting the new Big Brother. More » • (780 views)

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The Pool of Narcissus

NarcissusThumbby Glenn Fairman
[I]n the third book of Ovid’s Metamorphosis, the reader is charmed with the tale of Narcissus and Echo: a beautiful young man who spurned the raptures of love with a cursed water nymph. More » • (1939 views)

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Sacraments of Cavernous Despair

OffTheCliffby Glenn Fairman
I have found that the further men move in a vector away from the Living God, the more they eschew life and the institutions rooted in biological necessity and divine revelation. More » • (1208 views)

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You Want Fries with That?

FriesWithThatby Brad Nelson
Michael Barone and James Pethokoukis have articles at NRO that generally intersect on the idea of an economy being driven to greater economic inequality because of machines and technology. More » • (1615 views)

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Why in the World Not?

WeThePeopleThumbby Deana Chadwell
Come back with me to my classroom. Average American high school. Classes have finished for the day. I’m just tidying up, shuffling papers, chipping bubblegum off the desks – teacher stuff, when one of my students comes flying through door, breathless and distraught. “Somebody just told me that you’re a conservative!” More » • (2917 views)

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Wrestling With a Young Man’s Duty

PresciousSon2by Glenn Fairman
As I write, the little son whom God had once given to me as one gives a diamond to a vagabond is set to begin another tour in that loathsome Middle Eastern meat grinder of Men. He is a West Point commissioned Special Ops Captain who cannot even tell us where he is bound or the scope of his mission. More » • (1256 views)

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Celebrating a Movie the Critics Hated

SomewhereInTimeThumbby David Paulin
Message to high-brow movie critics and cultural elites: Stay away from the Grand Hotel on Michigan’s Mackinac Island this weekend. No cynicism allowed! More » • (3799 views)

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Dark Times

DarkTimesThumbby Glenn Fairman
Dark times have fallen upon the republic. Bleak times when men must furtively glance back over their shoulders before speaking their minds in laconic candor. Evil times of midnight votes and treacherous mandates contrived in embittered back-chambered councils that forcibly pit men against their brethren. More » • (1149 views)

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The Art of Subversion: Screwtape Discourses on America

ScrewtapeThumbby Glenn Fairman
(With all apologies to C.S. Lewis)
To Those Brave Souls: The Progressive Vanguard! More » • (1390 views)

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A Plea for Disunity and Incivility

KirkKhanThumbby N. A. Halkides
Every now and then we hear a politician plead for “unity.” Sometimes this is standard boilerplate, meaningless cant, like “We must come together to address our nation’s problems” or “Only through unity can our nation solve Problem X.” More » • (1908 views)

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