Blessing the Nations

ArabIconby Anniel   5/13/14
Late one very dark night, I stood with my friend, Ibitsam, under a streetlight in Chicago. She held before me a picture of her son, Mohammed, so I could see how he had looked a few short months before when he had still seemed healthy. More » • (4061 views)

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Fat is Back

RedMeatThumbby Brad Nelson   5/6/14
Someone had sent me info the other day on this issue. Now I see that Mona Charen has a column on the subject. Apparently saturated fat (animal meat) isn’t the killer that one old study says it was. In fact, the diets we have substituted for them (carbohydrates and sugar) might be worse. More » • (1970 views)

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Straight on Till Morning

dadgiggyby Glenn Fairman   5/5/14
Can I share a secret with you? Being young isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  •  It wasn’t till I had reached the leeward side of 50 that I started figuring things out. Believe it or not, there is a joyous virtue in age if you are ready to throw down your gavel, open up your heart, and be willing to start again as a child. This is the paradox of growing old. More » • (1554 views)

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One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians

ThreeLittleIndiansby Anniel   5/4/14
Harry Reid Feels Your Pain  •  Bonnie’s mother is Navaho (or Navajo, if you prefer). When she had to choose a tribe, Bonnie also chose to be Navaho, so when she had her second little Indian, a lovely girl with masses of black hair, she gave her the wonderful name Nizoni More » • (1268 views)

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Language Experts and the History of an Error

NorGateby Jon N. Hall    5/1/14
Language experts disdain the word “nor.” Why? I contend it’s because language experts don’t really understand “nor,” nor do they fully understand other conjunctions. Some language experts treat conjunctions as though all they do is connect. But conjunctions do much more than merely connect; they set conditions. More » • (10988 views)

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The Care and Feeding of Genius

Einsteinby Anniel   4/25/14
Can we really know what genius is?  •  In the late 1970’s, Popular Science ran an article about The Next Decade’s Up-and-Coming Young Scientists, or something of that nature. More » • (2884 views)

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This Is Not About Eggs

NotEggsby Deana Chadwell    4/19/14
On a Friday morning 1,984 years ago, on an escarpment known as Golgotha – the Place of the Skull, Roman soldiers drove huge iron nails through the wrists and ankles of Jesus of Nazareth, affixing him to a wooden cross, and then they hefted it upright between two thieves also being crucified that morning. More » • (4193 views)

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Ecce Homo

eccehomopaintby Glenn Fairman   4/19/14
Behold the Man in Ruins  •  Because we have not drank deeply enough of God, this spectacle of Passion — bathed in blood and ribboned flesh set before us every spring, has been relegated by a bloodless Modernity as either a callow backdrop for children’s baskets or an abstraction of the primordial myth of death and re-birth. More » • (3786 views)

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Defending Sarah Palin

PalinAndFlagby Anniel   4/16/14
“Mommy, I’m boring” — three-year-old  •  For the past eleven years Chicago has become almost a second home to me and several members of our family. Our youngest daughter suffers from a rare neurological disorder and her needs, we feel, can only be met by a wonderful neurosurgeon there. More » • (1993 views)

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The End of the World and Other Entertainments

EndOfTheWorldby Jon N. Hall    4/16/14
Folks have always been fascinated by the End of the World. Christianity addresses this little problem in Book of Revelation, where we read about the Beast of the Apocalypse, the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, the Whore of Babylon, the Seven Seals, and such. More » • (2383 views)

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Lessons Learned from a Baby

LessonsLearnedby Deana Chadwell    4/12/14
Twelve years ago our third grandson was born and then, 18 days later, died. It was not a shock that Conner left so soon; we had known for several months that he was beyond fragile, but what we didn’t know is all that he would teach us in such a short time. More » • (1869 views)

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The Education of Captain America

Cappicby Glenn Fairman   4/11/14
It is first important to note that the film, Captain America: the Winter Soldier, which opened up recently to rave reviews, owes its pedigree to an older branch of what is now termed as the Marvel Universe. More » • (2419 views)

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