Unfit to Print

Newsby James Ray Deaton2/14/15
When did it become necessary to use the “alternative” and online internet news sources to get all, not just half, of (as The New York Times has on its masthead) “All the News That’s Fit to Print”? More » • (1296 views)

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Come Celebrate America!

burmashave1by Anniel2/13/15
It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. – Anonymous.  •  World War II was finally over and my father was one of the first to get a new Ford truck. Gas rationing ended and he could once again indulge his insatiable wanderlust. More » • (1599 views)

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Two Revolutions: Industrial & Political

Woolby Anniel2/9/15
Two important revolutions rocked the world in the mid to late 1700’s, and both were tied together in the political battles over wool. More » • (9429 views)

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A Short Eulogy for a Master Basketball Coach

DeanSmithby Jerry Richardson2/9/15
2/7/2015, Coach Dean Smith died at age 83.  •  As a young know-nothing, very-wet-behind-the-ears basketball coach, there were two college basketball coaches that I studied like you study math for an exam. More » • (7826 views)

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The Currency Exchange

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu2/8/15
The cold wind slashed John’s face as he and Steve stepped out of the hotel. A thermometer on the building’s wall indicated minus 28 degrees Centigrade. More » • (2721 views)

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The Mad Hatter’s Lament

Madhatter3by Deana Chadwell  2/7/15
I am really trying to hold onto some form of sanity here, but ever since I saw a woman bathing in her breakfast cereal, my brain has been crumbling; I find I now live in a world where the president of the greatest, most powerful country the earth has ever known can sit calmly for an interview with a woman in green lipstick More » • (3104 views)

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Learning to Read – The Road to Freedom

OldBookby Anniel2/7/15
Today Is Under Construction – Thank you for your patience — English translated road construction sign on Tokyo street, ingrish.com  •  What is the proper age for a child to be taught to read? More » • (1800 views)

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Pete is Best

PeteBestby James Ray Deaton2/7/15
Back in the 1960’s when photographs and television were mostly small and black and white, and teenagers wore riveted bluejeans instead of droopy drawers, young people often asked one another a very important question: “Who is your favorite Beatle?” More » • (3242 views)

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Progressivism and the Seahawks’ Super Bowl Loss

Seahawks2by Jerry Richardson2/3/15
Why did the Seattle Seahawks lose the Super Bowl?  Everybody thinks they know the reason: Seattle’s Coach Pete Carroll did not call the play to give the ball to Marshawn Lynch—but with 20-20 hindsight that conclusion seems rather conveniently obvious. More » • (4663 views)

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Is Work Really a Curse?

HardWorkby Anniel2/3/15
The Reverend William Spooner, called upon to speak to a group of English agricultural students, meant to address them as “Noble Sons of Toil”, but he opened his mouth and began, “Dear Noble Tons of Soil.” One of these groups is really ignoble, but we do have both groups around today. More » • (1212 views)

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Little Girls and Old Ladies

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu2/2/15
This was my first trip outside Vienna since I’d arrived in Austria, to study German, some two months earlier. I chose to visit Salzburg because of its well known cultural heritage, plus it was Mozart’s birthplace. More » • (2652 views)

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When Trust is Not Appropriate

NuclearExplosionby Jerry Richardson2/1/15
When facing enemies who hate you and express explicit intent to destroy you, trust can easily become an unintended rendezvous with death.  Even the formula of Ronald Reagan, beloved by many Conservatives—“Trust but verify”—may not always be appropriate. More » • (3808 views)

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