What do We do Now that Trump has Won the Nomination?

by N. A. Halkides   5/4/16

There’s been a lot of talk about Trump in the discussion thread on Edmund Wright’s recent Coulter vs. Coulter and of course elsewhere: More » • (1052 views)

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Trump and Supporters Insult Our Intelligence

by C. Edmund Wright5/4/16

I am not #NeverTrump, but I’m getting close… thanks to Donald Trump and his supporters. More » • (906 views)

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Donations etc.

by Timothy Lane4/24/16

The March 11 National Review had a review of a book by infamous liberal Jane Mayer defaming modern conservative philanthropy (such as that of the Koch brothers). The reviewer is Martin Morse Wooster More » • (358 views)

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Natural Depravity

by Glenn Fairman4/12/16

Our depraved nature is meant to be tempered by the ancient institutions of civil society: the family, church, political life, and their specific moral rules that govern men who are given to self-interest. Although we cannot totally escape the fruit of that depravity, we can recognize its existence and legislate checks against its onslaught—-primarily by choking the accumulation of political power. More » • (1174 views)

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The Devil is in the Details…of the Left

by David Norris4/6/16

Garth Kant’s recent article from World Net Daily (WND) about Michael Walsh’s new book is a fascinating introduction to yet another intelligent voice in the opposition to modern Marxism (progressivism) and its war against the United States and the West. More »


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Trump is Not What I Expected

by Brad Nelson4/4/16

One of the premises I had regarding Donald Trump in the early going was that of “a diamond in the rough.” Going into this election season, I knew very little about the man. I don’t read People magazine, I don’t watch MS-NBC, and I’ve never watched The Apprentice. More » • (800 views)

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Dear Leader

by Glenn Fairman3/23/16

As for our Dear Leader, one can see plainly that the greasepaint has worn away, and that he never was the person he portrayed himself as. Since images trump substance, no president would ever allow himself to be used so shabbily unless the signal was intentional. More » • (454 views)

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Hell Defined

by Glenn Fairman3/23/16

To believe in your heart of hearts that no intrinsic good exists and then posit one’s own transitory good as a sufficient star to steer your life by, is a bitter cluster of madness, despair, and delusion—and would probably function nicely as a working definition for Hell. More » • (864 views)

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Trump: Our Knight in Shining Tin Foil Armor

by Brad Nelson3/11/16

Dan Flynn has a good summing-up article: Donald Trump vs. The Establishment: More » • (811 views)

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Poisoned Roots

by Glenn Fairman2/4/16

Aristotle inferred that the more equal two men become, any significant difference is greatly magnified in the mind of the perceived “lesser.” The implications of this truth, if it is one, sends down poisoned roots not merely into civil society and the political sphere, but more importantly, taints the psychological/spiritual waters that animate a wayward human nature. More » • (703 views)

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What Ails Us

by Kung Fu Zu1/14/16
The recent exposure of the rape and molestation of hundreds, if not thousands, of European women has touched a nerve in Europe. It would appear that many Europeans are finally awakening to the existential threat which is facing them. More » • (1081 views)

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The West Becoming Small

by Glenn Fairman1/9/16

Multi-culturalism is the perversion of tolerance to the nth degree. It is rooted in the worldview that “lifestyles” are solely matters of taste. Moreover, it is at peace with the perspectival nature of truth–the abnegation of truth itself. More » • (965 views)

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