Moment of Clarity

by Glenn Fairman5/23/16

And now for a moment of quiet clarity. More » • (450 views)

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2016 Political Awards

by Timothy Lane5/20/16

I initiated a pair of annual political awards in my years of editing FOSFAX. One was the Walter S. Duranty Memorial Awards for Creative Journalism, awarded for the journalist whose reporting is most fictional. I started doing this in the 1990s, so there have been a large number of worthy winners. More » • (523 views)

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Politically Incorrect

by Brad Nelson5/17/16

We need a lesson in political incorrectness, because it’s not coming from Donald Trump. Being a loudmouth jerk is not the same thing as refuting the Left. As Dennis Prager notes: More » • (519 views)

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Hey, they’re French

by Brad Nelson5/15/16

I was watching yet another awful French movie the other day. (There is something decidedly wrong with the French.) But it is often in foreign films that you can find something worth watching outside of the Hollywood cesspool of unoriginality and juvenile tastes. One takes one’s chances in doing so though. More » • (859 views)

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Laughing Liars Lie Again

by Anniel5/13/16

The New York Times published an article by David Samuels, dated May 5, 2016, detailing how Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Foreign Affairs, aided the Obama Administration by lying to sell the Iran deal. Mr. Rhodes, who was an aspiring novelist and has no credentials of any sort in Foreign Affairs, was fully responsible for crafting the lies that
led to Obama, and his minion John Kerry, entering a losing deal with Iran, and betraying the United States. More » • (617 views)

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Rich Don’t Pay Fair Share or Government Incompetence?

by Leigh Bravo5/11/16

The age old argument that the left continues to embolden. Hillary and Bernie both have based their campaign on income inequality and argue that the rich do not pay their fair share. Protesters recently blocked the Citadel in Chicago targeting Ken Griffin More »


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The Three Horsemen of the Crapocolypse

by Brad Nelson5/9/16

The disarray in the Republican Party has been coming for a long time. Not only has the party distanced itself from its own ideology (preferring to follow the trends of the culture rather than setting its own trends), the very ideology of Republicanism has been lost and forgotten except for surface-level rhetoric. More » • (513 views)

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A Man’s a Man

by Timothy Lane5/7/16

The excesses and idiocies of modern Kulture will have many consequences. Reading Curt Schilling’s comments that got him fired by ESPN a short while ago, it occurred to me that one negative consequence of the peculiar liberal notion that “sexual preference” is innate and immutable whereas “gender/sexual identity” can change at a moment’s notice will eventually be a poem we read in high school. More » • (533 views)

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Promethean Delegates Unbound: the ‘Nuclear Option’

by Jon N. Hall    5/7/16

Why does America have such a screwy “system” for electing party nominees to run for the office of president? There’s only one instance of the word “primary” and its related forms in the Constitution: the 24th Amendment. And the 76 words that make up that amendment all deal with striking down poll taxes, not some justification for any primary election system. More » • (550 views)

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The Way of the Dodo

by Brad Nelson5/7/16

Mankind is destined to be ruled, his relatively short flirtation with self-government going the way of the Dodo, and for similar reasons: We have become a flightless, dull thing, our survival abilities eroded by being isolated — not on the island of Mauritus but on the island of dependency. More » • (483 views)

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Trump Supporters Need to be Held Accountable

by C. Edmund Wright5/6/16

Enough with the sore winners pity party already. I and many other columnists, commentators, and speakers have been accused of being a sore loser a few thousand times on this and other sites — and for the sake of argument I’ll admit those charges might have merit. More » • (928 views)

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Get Over What About Trump?

by C. Edmund Wright5/5/16

Now we’re told at this early date to “get over it.” We being those conservatives who aggressively opposed Donald Trump, of course. More » • (646 views)

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