Finally, an App to Diagnose Stupid

by Brad Nelson7/14/16

You know me. I’m actually a live and let live sort of guy, which why I oppose the Nazis and New Hitler Youth of the Left. These are not let-live types of people. More » • (759 views)

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Advice to a GOP Delegate

by Pat Tarzwell7/12/16

I have a request of the fine writer here at ST. I know that there are those on both sides of the issue — to Trump or not to Trump. More » • (1510 views)

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Anarchy for Thee, Not for Me

by Glenn Fairman7/11/16

If BLM would care to “throw down” in their normal Looney Toons version of a Race War: the type where they loot the Asian and Arab owned markets and burn down their own neighborhoods, then be my guest. But if you bring that poison into Crackerville, let me assure you that when the smoke clears, not even one pair of scorched 200 dollar Nike’s will be left. More » • (864 views)

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The House that Liberalism Built

by Tim Jones7/10/16

Liberalism has evolved to the point where it now dominates virtually every segment of American society: media, academia, entertainment and now even religion and corporate America. More » • (631 views)

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W.R.P (Whorish Regalia of Power)

by Glenn Fairman7/6/16

If “intent” now becomes the selective prism through which justice is apprehended, then any number of crimes can now slip through liberalism’s eye of the needle. In truth, this new caricature of justice is delivered with the winking of the eye — it is a rancid vintage offered in new wine skins, that “old injustice” decked out in the whorish regalia of power. More » • (416 views)

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Hillary: Judged By Gender, Not By Character

by Leigh Bravo7/6/16

Can anyone forget the love affair between Barack Obama and the media in the 2008 presidential election? They fell for him hook, line and sinker, based on his race, without doing their due diligence.  All Americans are now suffering the consequences of their failure to accurately inform the American people. More »


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This Day in History: July 2

by Timothy Lane7/2/16

American independence is celebrated on July 4, but the process involved several other days with important decisions, one of which was arguably more important. More » • (791 views)

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Intellectual Sociopath

by Brad Nelson6/30/16

Neil Tyson is an intellectual sociopath. I found two recent articles on his sociopathic intellectual idea of “Rationalia,” that “All policy shall be based on the weight of evidence,” in the words of Tyson. More » • (846 views)

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This Day in History: June 28, 2016

by Timothy Lane6/28/16

June 28 is most noted for a pair of Balkan events. On June 28, 1387 (I don’t know how this date is affected by still using the Julian calendar, but that’s the date that comes down to us), the Ottoman Turks decisively defeated the medieval Serbian kingdom, setting the stage for their defeat of Hungary a few decades later. More » • (441 views)

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Who Will Remain Brussel’s Sprouts?

by Cato6/27/16

Think back about 26 years to the moment you first realized the USSR had just evaporated. No shots fired. No riots; no coups; no tanks rolling through Prague and Budapest. It just ceased to exist. Guards along borders with Kalashnikovs who yesterday shot to kill walked away. People with sledge hammers pounded the Berlin Wall into souvenirs. More » • (622 views)

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The Demise Of The European Union

by Leigh Bravo6/25/16

If you found yourself asking  “why” the United Kingdom voted to remove itself from its family within the European Union yesterday, then you are not alone. Many across the globe are trying to understand, predict outcomes and second guess the people of the United Kingdom.

More »


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School of Selwyn: The Price of Political Correctness

by Selwyn Duke6/25/16

Contact Selwyn Duke, follow him on Twitter or log on to • (379 views)

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