The Making of Fragile Snowflakes

by Brad Nelson9/12/16

I had a Return to TV Land this weekend. I was looking for some computer cables and stuff inside an old box and instead found an old TV antenna. I had gone about a year without any cable at all. (I pulled the plug). My search for the computer cables having been forgotten, I went off on another tangent. More » • (626 views)

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Fundamental Transformation…Can it Still be Rightward?

by Brad Nelson9/7/16

Glenn the Greater forwarded me this article. Here’s a bit of it: More » • (958 views)

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Last Dregs

by Glenn Fairman9/6/16

We are living off the last dregs of America’s cultural and financial capital. Like the guy who impoverishes himself by perpetually refinancing his home, we are becoming desperate wraiths of our former selves, and are tearing into each other because we know that something is terribly wrong, but most cannot see behind the veiled cause. More » • (444 views)

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The cancer of Trump supporters

by Brad Nelson9/4/16

Trump apparently gave a pretty good speech at a black church in Detroit yesterday. Both Clinton and Trump were invited to speak and only Trump showed up. Part of Trump’s speech was posted in an American Thinker article: More » • (1480 views)

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Welcome to Neo-Feudalism

by FJ Rocca9/3/16

It is only necessary to look around to see the living proof of the great value of capitalism. It’s a thing to ponder. The simple, naked truth is that without capitalism there can be no wealth. Every time something is exchanged More » • (820 views)

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St. Mother Teresa

by Brad Nelson9/2/16

Kevin Williamson has a good article that brought to my attention that Mother Teresa of Calcutta will, on Sunday, be recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church. Kevin thoughtfully writes: More » • (539 views)

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Science: A Graven Image

by Glenn Fairman8/27/16

How ironic that Science – a supposed neutral methodology — has taken on the status of an authoritative graven image, with all the dogmatic accoutrements that accompany a religious system. Nothing illustrates this more than its stance on Naturalistic Macro-Evolution and on Climate Change. More » • (860 views)

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Hermitage at 1500 feet

by Brad Nelson8/1/16

Glenn and I were talking back and forth in the background. And it’s revealing nothing personal to say that we are both the contemplative types. Suffice it to say, I’m guessing, unlike most people, he can make it from his front door to his car without texting anyone or chasing Pokemon monsters. More » • (590 views)

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New Submission Rules

by the Editor7/26/16

New submission rules for this site: More » • (2156 views)

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Time Will Vindicate Ted Cruz

by C. Edmund Wright7/22/16

The fullness of time will vindicate Ted Cruz’s actions at the National Convention this week, and as a bonus, the reaction has exposed that Donald Trump has indeed jumped in between the sheets with the Republican Establishment.  On the second point, let’s not quibble over who seduced whom. More » • (1178 views)

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Don’t Let Stupidity Spoil Your Future

by Anniel7/18/16

With the publication of the ex-Secret Service Agent, Gary G. Byrne’s new book, Crises of Character, about Hillary Clinton and her shenanigans which he observed while working in the White House, one has to wonder whether Hillary ever considers her actions in any normal and reasonable way. More » • (528 views)

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Bastille Day

by Glenn Fairman7/14/16

There comes a time when your effeminate memorials of balloons and votive candles serve only to crystallize in the minds of villains your acquiescence to exist as prey. When the stench of lumbering suicide crowds the heavens along with the bleating of your sheep-like sorrows, perhaps you will awaken from your morphine sleep; learning again the wisdom of cause and effect, and be healed. More » • (1551 views)

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