The Two Donald Trumps

by N. A. Halkides10/22/16

That Donald Trump is a divisive figure is a truism that would have no need of utterance except that it matters very much exactly what groups are divided about him. The electorate is divided over him, which was inevitable; the Republican Party, already undergoing a civil war before he showed up on the scene, is divided over him, which is a positive good; More » • (4299 views)

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The Year the Frogs Took Over

by Kung Fu Zu10/14/16
On this date in A.D. 1066, i.e. 950 years ago, one of the most important battles in history took place. We know it as “The Battle of Hastings” although it took place some miles from Hastings in a town which is appropriately called “Battle.” The towering opponents in this duel were the Norman Duke William (called “the Bastard” as he was the illegitimate son of a Norman Duke) and King Harold Godwinson, who had been an Anglo-Saxon Earl. More » • (1416 views)

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Holding One’s Breath To Vote

by Glenn Fairman10/8/16


Far be it for me to step in as Trump’s apologist. I did not want him to represent my party, but the damage has been done and we are stuck with him because the only true alternative is unspeakable. More » • (3414 views)

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by Brad Nelson10/8/16

In case you haven’t heard, let the “I told you so’s” begin. Rich Lowry says it best: More » • (2569 views)

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Attention Potential Racial Social Justice Warriors and/or Shoppers

by Glenn Fairman10/4/16

Short on cash for the upcoming holidays? BLM will see to it that you get those Jordans, laptops, and stocking stuffers without having to lay into your budgeted blunt and gin money. When the inevitable happens, and some Ebony Einstein with a replica Glock draws down on a Cop, all your dreams will be answered. More » • (432 views)

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by Brad Nelson9/30/16

No (thank God), this is not a post about that Barbra Streisand song. You know me better than that. More » • (998 views)

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by Glenn Fairman9/22/16

A racial mob is like a mindless lava flow, seeking the nethermost passages until its idiot passion is quenched in the sterile depths of the sea. Like a raging imbecile More » • (585 views)

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Sealed with a Fall Equinox

by Brad Nelson9/21/16

First, let’s let Bobby Vinton (or it it Jason Donovan?) set up this next segment with a rendition of Sealed with a Kiss whose primary thought is “Though we’ve got to say goodbye for the summer.” It’s a romantic song. More » • (514 views)

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What Oppresses a Man?

by Glenn Fairman9/18/16

What oppresses men and women stems far less from externalities and far more from our daily choices. In discovering the seeds of that latter form, it is perhaps necessary to know only three things: the content of one’s refrigerator More » • (485 views)

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Bystander Control

by James Ray Deaton9/15/16

Only one thing is certain in the aftermath of last weekend’s deplorable “Knee-Buckle-Gate” scene captured for the internet by a “random bystander.” There will be a 99.9% reduction of the possibility of random bystanders in any future Clinton Administration. More » • (517 views)

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The Making of Fragile Snowflakes

by Brad Nelson9/12/16

I had a Return to TV Land this weekend. I was looking for some computer cables and stuff inside an old box and instead found an old TV antenna. I had gone about a year without any cable at all. (I pulled the plug). My search for the computer cables having been forgotten, I went off on another tangent. More » • (622 views)

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Fundamental Transformation…Can it Still be Rightward?

by Brad Nelson9/7/16

Glenn the Greater forwarded me this article. Here’s a bit of it: More » • (958 views)

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