Quote of the Month

by Brad Nelson  10-26-2013  •  Most people who say they are conservative, or blog like conservatives, or hang around with conservatives, are not conservative. To be a conservative, one must understand the basic dynamics of Big Government More » • (637 views)

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Living Life out of Order

By Pokey  •  I feel like I am living my life out of order. If my life is a jigsaw puzzle to be assembled, then God seems to have started mine somewhere in the middle. More » • (913 views)

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First Jonah, Now Prager

by Brad Nelson  •  Dennis Prager, much like Jonah Goldberg, is undergoing a bit of a liberal transformation — or at least an Establishment Republican one. More » • (938 views)

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Does Objective Morality Exist? An Agnostic Responds

by Faba Calculo  •  The belief in right and wrong can, indeed, be greatly aided by belief in god(s). My exit from evangelical Christianity was pretty much my exit from belief in objective morality. More » • (820 views)

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