Feminism 2.0

by Brad Nelson   2/13/14

Dennis Prager has been revamping his entire Prager University curriculum. The second video in this updated series is Feminism 2.0, by former NOW board member, Tammy Bruce. More » • (1606 views)

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Reagan on Religious Tolerance

by Brad Nelson   2/11/14

Here’s an outstanding article by Paul Kengor at The American Spectator: Reagan on Religious Tolerance. More » • (4364 views)

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Down Under not so down?

by Brad Nelson   2/10/14

Apparently, conservative leadership is still possible. Samuel Gregg has an article (Finally, a Conservative Leader) at The American Spectator about the supposedly conservative (I’m always skeptical) Tony Abbot, Australia’s new Prime Minister. By the description in the article, he seems to be the real deal. More » • (1532 views)

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Royal Smackdown

by Brad Nelson   2/9/14

This story is just a plain hoot.

Thomas Lifson, editor and publisher of American Thinker, posted this blog post regarding the smackdown of Prince Charles by the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley over the issue of global warming. More » • (2786 views)

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Democracy—Islamic Style

by Glenn Fairman   2/8/14

Democracy, in the Islamic arc, is a double edged sword- and we should not forget that even a cabal of thieves can be fundamentally democratic. The abstraction of democracy is, of its own, a content empty methodology for determining political direction that is girded by the ideation of popular sovereignty. More » • (715 views)

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Williamson Stands Athwart

by Brad Nelson   2/6/14

Kevin Williamson at National Review Online has written a very good article titled The Feminist Mystique. In it, he notes the tired, haranguing nature of feminism which he sums up simply as “I want.” More » • (2099 views)

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

by Steve Lancaster   2/3/14

This was not a waste of money. In fact I found it to be one of the best comedies in the last 10 years. I doubt that it was intended to be so, but anyone who has done real intelligence work will laugh till their sides hurt. More » • (741 views)

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The Church of Diversity

by Brad Nelson   1/7/14

I had a peaceful run-in the other day with a young fellow from the Church of Diversity. Unlike the German socialist who I threw out of my office a month or so ago (and who physically smelled), this diversity fellow was too darn nice and clean-cut for me to take any offense. Nor was I looking for any. More » • (2279 views)

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National Review Going to Pot

by Brad Nelson   1/5/14

The quest for a new base for the Republican Party (which wants to eschew conservative, let alone Republican, principles) continues. One of the vehicles for that is National Review Online. More » • (5563 views)

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Where is Mark Steyn?

by Brad Nelson   1/5/14

This site’s articulate friend, Griffonn, asked on another thread:

Speaking of which, has Mark Steyn been sited on NRO since his dispute with Steorts over whether one may offend the Gods of Gay?

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Conservatism and the Moral Calculus of Abortion

by Glenn Fairman   1/1/14

Murdering nascent life is one thing, and perhaps we as a Conservative force cannot fully cauterize this abomination. But we can make it rare. Moreover, we can also make it so that taxpayers will not have to fund this horror from public redistributed funds. More » • (1577 views)

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Is “Gay” Really the Same, Just Different?

by Brad Nelson   12/31/13

Mr. Kung had turned me on to an excellent article at an excellent web site (Taki’s Magazine). It’s a thoughtful article, somewhat pro and con, by Elizabeth McCaw: The Straight Dope on Homosexuality. More » • (3443 views)

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