Tired of Apologies?

by Jerry Richardson   12/2/14

Are you as tired of apologies as I am? More » • (970 views)

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Girly-Man Aid 30

by Brad Nelson   11/28/14

It was just brought to my attention by a good friend in New York that there is a new version of “Band Aid.” Years ago I did a parody of that song. Well, Band-Aid 30 deserves no less. This song practically wrote itself. I cringed at every girly-man note sung in this song. Yikes. I felt my testosterone lowering by the second. More » • (821 views)

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Keeping Victimology Alive

by Tim Jones11/27/14

Could it be possible that Michael Brown was a racist? Can black cops be racist? A way to consider the possibility is with a simple thought experiment: what if Darrell Wilson was black? More » • (679 views)

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The Death of Greatness

by Tim Jones11/22/14

The trajectory of society is being dumbed down and has been for quite some time. Principles and virtues have been relativized with the slow-motion degradation of any kind of universal standards of morality. More » • (3588 views)

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Cyber-Utopian or Cyber-Feudalism?

by Cato  11/13/14

60 years later, Micro Center is giving away 16GB thumb drives as freebies. 60 years from now, 100TB wireless ‘enhancers’ the size of grains of sand implanted directly into the brain? No doubt. Will it be a means of individual mental empowerment or of perfect, irresistible control? More » • (2498 views)

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The Meaning of the Midterms

by Brad Nelson   11/5/14

I have by no means absorbed all the results and listened to all the pundits. But it would seem that the Republicans gained some victories. More » • (1981 views)

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What Does a Normal Person Do in the Face of Madness?

by Brad Nelson   11/4/14

If you ever had any doubt about the ideological madness (technically speaking) of the Left, read this calm, reasoned analysis by Dennis Prager: When the Left Attacks: A Personal Tale. More » • (724 views)

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Europe Is Rising against Islamisation

by Enza Ferreri11/2/14

Maybe the tide really is turning. More » • (854 views)

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Physics Enters the Obama Transparency Dodge

by Jerry Richardson   10/23/14

You would never believe, without documented proof, what the latest excuse given by the President’s spox person, Josh Earnest, for the Obama Administration NOT being as declared: “…the most transparent administration in history.” More » • (1144 views)

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An Islamic Stoning

by Jerry Richardson   10/22/14

When are people in the US and the rest of the western-world going to decide that the evil terrorism that is sanctioned by Islam must be stopped?   It is not just terrorism.  It is not just armed-conflict.  It is not just war. More » • (1954 views)

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Jew Hatred Gains Parliamentary Support

by Brad Nelson   10/17/14

Hal G.P. Colebatch writes in The American Spectator in his article “England and Shame: The Hamas Vote”: More » • (1070 views)

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Reality Returning with a Vengeance

by Cato  10/16/14

We’re about to rediscover the joys and sorrows of market-sourced pricing for all assets, real and financial (read: commodities, housing, equities and bonds). For five years the Fed has been “supporting” asset prices artificially, and that is ending. The Federal Reserve is winding down QE this month to zero. More » • (716 views)

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