Fun with Negation

by Jon N. Hall    3/9/18

Not, nor, neither, never, no, un-, in-, a-, il-, dis-, non-, and other means of negation are things without which thought, as we know it, could not exist. More » • (130 views)

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Bully! for the Bossy

by Brad Nelson2/27/19

Kira Davis has an article at that is instructional: Misbehaving Women: How the Transgender Movement Is Silencing Women More » • (55 views)

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Snowflake Sweater

by Pat Tarzwell12/17/18

Sandy and I were invited to an ugly sweater party last Friday night, and I went to Walmart to get myself an ugly sweater (but it turns out I am too cheap to spend $12 on a one used sweater). More » • (178 views)

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Re-Imagining Christmas

by Brad Nelson12/7/18

Christmas is too commercial. Check. It’s been all but outlawed in our atheistic “sensitive” culture. Check. And many who do try to celebrate at least the forms of it (if they are honest) see Jesus more as a health guru, the ticket to longer (perhaps eternal) life. Check. More » • (213 views)

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End of the World, Take One

by Timothy Lane12/6/18

Decades ago, I read a darkly humorous story by Robert Silverberg that seems today to be rather prophetic. Titled “When We Went to See the End of the World”, it’s set mostly in a party and involves the conversation there. More » • (46 views)

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Exclusionary Principles

by James Ray Deaton9/3/18

In some ways I must be an incredibly naive person. The whole week-long John McCain politicized funeral farewell tour was sad and even disturbing on many levels, but the sidebar news stories about President Trump and Sarah Palin being asked not to attend his services was especially so. More » • (105 views)

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by Brad Nelson5/20/18

Jonah Goldberg (a firm never-Trumper) had an article the other day that further clarified for me the Trump dynamic. More » • (460 views)

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by Steve Lancaster5/01/18

Tonight, there will be another installment of the Roseanne show. I will not be watching. I never watched the original show, and this is just more of the same. Much has been said, printed and spread all over the media about the current incarnation. That somehow it is a conservative voice in the progressive wilderness. It is not. More » • (130 views)

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Hot Coffee

by Brad Nelson4/19/18

My opinion on the following matter is formed from the content of these three articles: Starbucks sets up re-education camps for baristas by M. Catharine Evans, Why We Shouldn’t Trivialize The Starbucks Arrests by Sarah Quinlan, and some background information about the barista in question, Holly Hylton (sounds like one of Trump’s women), that was presented as a link by a poster. More » • (397 views)

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I’m Back…

by RobL1/15/18

Hello Stubborn Friends,

It’s been about 5 years since I last posted. Life caught up with me for a while; work, children, family, school, etc… More » • (133 views)

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December Days

by Brad Nelson12/2/17

What are you doing to beat back “Winter Festival”? Do you say a hearty and unabashed “Merry Christmas?” More » • (748 views)

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Peace, Love, and Helter Skelter

by Tim Jones11/21/17

What do Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and Charles Manson all Have in Common? The sixties.  •  Roger Simon recently wrote a commentary titled Bill Clinton: Godfather of Weinstein and Roy Moore. The premise of his essay is that Clinton changed the culture that paved the way for the bad behavior and all of the other sexual misconduct in the political, entertainment and media realms that seems to be flowing out into the public like a broken dike: More » • (230 views)

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