by Brad Nelson5/14/15

Paul Kengor has an interesting article at American Thinker: Why is Castro’s Cuba Suddenly Pro-Gay?

The lesson here — only half of it extracted by Kengor — is that the Left (at least those at the top) have the destruction of the family as their goal. And he outlines this well. But I say he got only “half” because Kengor doesn’t (at least in this short article) mention feminism as a prime cause. It was apparently, after all, Fidel’s rabidly Leftist niece who is banging the drum for homosexual marriage and the general mainstreaming of homosexualism:

The ringleader is Mariela Castro, Fidel’s niece and daughter of current President Raul Castro. She serves in Cuba’s non-democratic National Assembly and heads the Cuban National Center for Sex Education. The communist-state-“trained sexologist” is a gay-rights zealot.

Communists such as Castro are Communists, but they don’t necessarily hate men. But man-hating and the homosexual agenda go hand in hand, and Kengor does tangentially mention this aspect when he writes:

Fidel’s niece, Mariela, gets it. She speaks of this new cause as “revolutionary.” It will smash the “patriarchal family” that old Marxist-feminist forerunners like Kate Millett and Betty Freidan and Alexandra Kollontai had looked to demolish.

The mainstreaming of homosexuality — distasteful to traditional Communists such as Castro — serves the purpose of the new generation of Leftist wackos. And many of them are feminist nutjobs who are waging a war on men (aka “patriarchal family”).

Everything you need to know about the Left (at least the leaders) can be understood in the term “red diaper doper baby.” These are people angry at the world (for whatever reason) and mean to have their pound of flesh. Men, much like Jews, have become the favorite target long past the memory of why men (or Jews) were ever hated in the first place.

Those second-tier “useful idiots” and low-information voters — who don’t have the destruction of men or the family as a conscious goal — should read articles such as this one by Kengor and know that there is a price to pay for their vacuous notions of being “enlightened” and supposedly amongst the world’s Nice People because they don’t support “discrimination” and do support “marriage equality.” If, after having read this article, you still stand firm, then perhaps we should just shorten the title from “useful idiot” to “idiot.”

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Now we know why Barry Screwtape Obama was so eager to make a deal with the Castro regime. Perhaps Tim Cook ordered him to.

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