The Cart Before the Horse

cart before horseby Glenn Fairman   1/9/14
There are granite consequences to being so resolutely wed to an ideology that you are unable to interpret the real world as it stands. As a product of such folly, the null perspective of moral-political blindness, much like a tumor, attaches itself to the mind’s common sense deliberative functions. Like all distorted filters of vain human artifice, morbid ideologies refuse to admit the healthful qualities of rational illumination and prudence, and allow an unburied dogma’s black reckoning to steer the often bewitched human will into catastrophic waters.

How else can one explain the counter-intuitive fundamentals of the Radical Progressive’s vision? Only the ideologue’s penchant for transposing cause and effect can account for holding that the economic gravitas of leviathan stands prior to that of the private sector: the wealth creating dynamo of any economic engine. Surely most would agree that it is through taxation and the deceptive byzantine economy of second-order redistribution that the modern state owes its capacity to thrive and reproduce; for left to its own devices, such a purely parasitically oriented entity would wither away. Moreover, it should be near axiomatic that encumbering and overtaxing the productive nodes of society will necessarily attenuate the efficiency of production, therein resulting in a more fallow harvest of private sector, and in turn, regime income. Does not practical wisdom inform us that the monumental ascension of taxes, combined with the multi-layered application of disastrous impediments to the producer class, is akin to overstressing a wagon with undue burdens that eventually wearies and brings about the poor horse of Capitalism’s demise? Or are these judgments the relics of history and its barren nostalgia?

Know this: a perverse economic revolution, predicated upon a fundamental cognitive misperception of human nature and the mechanisms through which men cooperate in the city, is advancing without vacillation in the highest echelons of America. Its prize is the upheaval of the moral, the political, and the economic through an incessant evangelizing of the dubious premise that the proverbial cart shall indeed drive the horse. Yet, if we were to sift through the Progressive blather of Keynesian and statist doublespeak, we might find that the proper dilemma put before us remains: Is government’s technical and moral expertise wholly indispensable to the success of the private sphere, or are the methodological tools of liberalism’s economic vision, simply put, the continuous bloodletting of healthy victims on the altar of homogeneity? If it is the latter, is the philosophy that animates such a collectivist scourge not akin to a stop-motion suicide that is itself the by-product of grotesque human irrationality in the service of power?

Know this: any government who posits that its planners and their fanciful intrigues are in all ways superior to the millions upon millions of rational self-interested economic actors is anathema to the production of wealth. Such a regime has believed the Gnostic lie of its own technical excellence and has swallowed the sweet and slow-moving venom contained within the reams of its own propaganda. The simple and circumspect primacy of the “Invisible Hand,” rather than the polymorphous conceits secreted within the Progressive’s grim Fascist-Corporatist economics, once held the hallowed status of a veritable iron law within the stalwart rudiments of America. The swaggering attempts by academics to injudiciously put the cart before the horse has not only led to the murdering of wealth creation by a thousand nasty wounds, but in degrading the cardinal American virtues of liberty and self-sufficiency by holding success hostage to a dull and morally truncated overseer. No industrialized national economy has been able to break this iron law and withstand the consequences of economic and moral stagnation that comes with Leviathan salting the verdant fields of production with the futile stones of an impressed and cynical egalitarianism. Such capricious schemes only systematically consume a people’s precious seed corn and can only result in hard boiling the national Golden Goose into a state of economic petrification.

Our Founding was never predicated on the primacy of State over individual; our foundation is grounded on the considered reciprocation of ruler and ruled in a sharing of sovereign power unlike any regime whose form had ever entered into the human mind. But men being what they are, the endless flow of legislated and clandestine allurements that accumulate unmixed power towards the sphere of the state will ever remain a political pathology that our wise Founders sought bravely to neutralize, yet could only in virtue contain. By harnessing and curtailing power in an elegantly balanced constitutional regime dedicated to the noble ends of enlightened human liberty, the Framers proposed to maximize: wealth and technical virtue, the temperance of political passions, and the moderating arm of restraint against the pride and presumption of those who would herd humanity as oxen. Yet nevertheless, so often are men betrayed by sweet and sonorous voices whose unyielding rapacity is masked well under the cloak of utopian economics. Has not such blighted altruism historically led to the West’s severe judgments of collapse and despair? In truth, our legacy of lessons unlearned are both little retained and ever deserved.

Against our Founder’s noble intents, the current administration has gone far in resurrecting that dismal state of tyrannical ambition we as a wise people once so righteously took arms against. The demagogue Obama has metastasized that fatal conceit that blooms in all aspiring tyrannies—having its genesis begun on the ardor of benevolent lips, only to cunningly refashion itself into something putrescent and unholy to men and women who had once known only the piercing air of freedom in their nostrils. This regime will attempt at no less than restating the political contract of citizen to state, and there is no corner in civil society that it will not smear its darkened hand as its jihad of leveling passes over us like a plague—testing that what is strong within us as it vows to render us mere compliant spectators for its sickened transmutation of America.
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4 Responses to The Cart Before the Horse

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    This regime will attempt at no less than restating the political contract of citizen to state, and there is no corner in civil society that it will not smear its darkened hand as its jihad of leveling passes over us like a plague…

    That’s it in a nutshell. And, promise, I did not just skip to the end.

    The Left (with much help from the feeble, corrupt, inept Republican Party) has already restated the political contract between citizen and state. And they keep the majority rope-a-doped via various paranoia-inducing memes such as “a war on women.” Your average citizen out there truly does believe that without the state the “Christian right” would be implementing a backward-turning theocracy. God only knows what is in the minds of blacks and hispanics. Or, really, we do, considering the Trayvon Martin incident.

    The amount of propaganda spewed into the public’s mind is enormous and therefore not easy to counteract. Business, Christians, white people, men, and America herself are regularly impugned in the media, the state education system, and the entertainment industry. Having come to believe that all the traditional principles of America are impediments, not safeguards, the culture beats at the body of our society like a piñata, little knowing that they are cutting away the branch they are sitting on.

    Various conservatives have been writing recently about the 50-year anniversary of LBJ’s “war on poverty,” a war that has done nothing to reduce poverty but has done everything to cement the state in our lives and a Democrat Party constituency (both in terms of dependents and the bureaucracy that administers the state’s largesse).

    Although some, more sensitive, conservative writers say that such programs started with good intention, I doubt it. And at this point, it hardly matters. What we are facing now is a gangster-like scam of multi-trillion dollar proportions. And, for various reasons, it is a scam that people are having a difficult time seeing through. Ever since women gained the vote, it seems inevitable that their more nurturing-, emotion-, and security-based outlook would tip the scales to state socialism. That is one element. Another is that almost all people receive their “cut,” whether it is in Social Security or something else. We thus become complicit in this scam, and corrupted by it.

    The only way out is to cut government, to put the Federal government, in particular, back behind Constitutional boundaries. This will be difficult, and not only because we are all complicit in the scam but because this scam itself has produced a mob mentality. Start cutting and you will now inevitably see the mob gather to scream bloody murder. Who can resist this?

    By all means, the relationship between the citizen and the state has been redefined. We are no longer citizens of a great republic but petulant children in a one-party oligarchy. We are far past the tipping point and will therefore simply have to let things play out. The best advice is to keep your friends close, your powder dry, and your finances in order as best anyone can these days.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    We can think of Barry’s Behemoth in terms of the Fuehrerprinzip. This postulates that power is concentrated at the top, but accountability at the bottom (which Hermann Goering, talking to Dr. Gilbert at Nuremberg, said was the opposite of the situation under the Weimar Republic). In theory it might be possible to concentrate the power and accountability together at the top, but in practice I doubt it would ever happen. Slick Barry, the Fascist Messiah, has made no attempt to do this, preferring the Fuehrerprinzip (without identifying it). The original American idea was to give as much power (and accountability, at least as far as their own lives were concerned) as possible to the citizenry.

  3. Glenn Fairman says:

    I would not have blamed you if you had skipped to the end on this one. The first paragraph is overwrought entirely. Perhaps this comes from a diet of Milton.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Understandable. Unpacking takes time. Many of your paragraphs could be expanded into an entire essay. And that’s not a bad thing. What usually occurs to me is that for this info to impact the people who need to be impacted, it will take doing one simple piece of an idea at a time. That’s not your thing, of course, nor is it mine. But if someone out there, for instance, just wanted to do one basic economic fact at a time, that would be invaluable. Most people’s economics are a hodge-podge of Keynesian-Marxist gibberish.

      The same with our Constitution. It someone wanted to just take one point at a time and elaborate on it, that would make for a great series. I hope to expand the focus of this site one day to just such educational issues (as well as delving into history — both Zinn and Marx need to be countered).

      But we can have at this from all angles, including your erudite essays.

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