When Britain Savages Itself

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke   12/18/13
England’s prestigious Oxford Union recently invited famed raconteur and talk-radio host Michael Savage to a debate on whether or not NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a hero. And that is certainly a matter for debate. Whatever Snowden is, though, he is definitely one thing: more noble than the British government.

You see, Savage won’t be attending the debate for a somewhat well-known but nonetheless shocking reason: He’s still banned from entering Britain.

Savage was placed on a list of persona non grata in 2009 along with Muslim extremists and race-group leaders for, as Gordon Brown’s U.K. government put it, “seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred.” Of course, with the “hate speech” laws in today’s Britain — where Christians are arrested for professing their faith — such an accusation could be leveled for even just criticizing Islam or homosexual behavior. So what was it in Savage’s case? His message of “borders, language and culture”? We can ask but the U.K. government won’t tell.[pullquote]Cowardly to the core, the burka-brown-nosing Brown government didn’t want to ban Muslim jihadists and the other miscreants without serving up enough white males for “balance.” And this speaks volumes about today’s Britain.[/pullquote]

And it doesn’t even matter.

Because Savage was placed on the list not for polemics but political expediency: Cowardly to the core, the burka-brown-nosing Brown government didn’t want to ban Muslim jihadists and the other miscreants without serving up enough white males for “balance.” And this speaks volumes about today’s Britain.

Before getting to that, however, I have a suggestion for the Oxford Union. Why not offer to have Savage appear via satellite on a large video screen? I don’t know if Oxford has used this technique before — and my guess is that they like to adhere to a traditional formula in their debates — but think about the delicious irony: Michael Savage, banned alleged bad boy, appearing on a huge Big Brother-like video screen to bedevil a government that is actually becoming Big Brother. The appearance could be dubbed “The Savage Leak from the U.S.”

The only problem is that Savage’s image might then appear larger than the U.K. itself. Don’t get me wrong, like many Americans, I have the instincts of an Anglophile. Why do you think our old films — even if set during the Roman Empire — might feature actors with British accents? (There’s another irony: Britain was an outpost of the Roman Empire…and then we made movies with Julius Caesar sounding like Margaret Thatcher!) Americans have long wanted to love Britain.

Now Britain doesn’t even love herself.

Those old films were made in the days when you could still say the sun never sets on the British Empire, which at one time ruled a quarter of the world’s people. Now Britain’s life clock reads a quarter to midnight.

It didn’t surprise me in the least when David Cameron’s “conservative” government did nothing to remove Savage from the banned list; after all, with a political spectrum situated where we’re heading, U.K. conservatives are a lot like our quasi-moderate liberals.

Britain is now the Incredible Shrinking Land. Once a bold nation certain that “English” was synonymous with civilization, it is now contracting culturally into ever-tightening coils of callow and craven political correctness. If a boy says he’s a girl and wants to go to school dressed like Maid Marian, the headmaster (probably a mistress today) will order a round of sensitivity training for the rest of the 8-year-olds. And dare they question his “gender” perception, well, it’s like the headmistress who recently threatened to attach a “Racial Discrimination note” to the record of any child who didn’t attend an Islamic workshop. They’ll be branded bigots. Heck, this is a nation whose “National Children’s Bureau” advised in 2008 that toddlers who say “yuck” in response to foreign food may be “racist.”[pullquote]Americans have long wanted to love Britain. Now Britain doesn’t even love herself.[/pullquote]

So, listen, I still love traditional Britain, though it has now been relegated to movies and memories. As far as its current culture goes, however, I say yuck. And this brings me to a word for Michael Savage.

I know he was taking it quite hard when he first was placed on the U.K. banned list. But I think here of what Jesus said: “If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you.” And if speaking the Truth is now a revolutionary act in Britain, I would take their banning me as a badge of honor. Hey, Savage could probably get off the banned list next week — he’d just have to have a sex-change or convert to Islam. The British government, rife with capons bearing hyphenated last names, will never reject one of its own.

So all I can say, UK-LBGT, is, why don’t you ban me, too? Whatever Savage’s ideological trespass, I’m surely guilty of it as well. In fact, you really need to ban millions of Americans — and of your own citizens — who still have the temerity to believe tradition isn’t a dirty word.

Hey, why not?

You’ve already banned your true self.
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5 Responses to When Britain Savages Itself

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Great article, Selwyn.

    One of the remarkable aspects of this whole affair is that it shows what I call “the parasite effect.” Really, it’s not my invention. Nature invented it. Parasites abound. My favorite story of such a thing is a species of ant or termite in which the queen penetrates the hive of another species. This invading queen camouflages herself with just the right pheromones and chemical signals so that she smells like “one of us.” This invading queen then kills the real queen of the colony, supplants her, and gets the worker ants (or termites) to raise this foreign queen’s offspring.

    This is the story of the 60’s generation. It’s the story of all those vacuous, narcissistic, and (in some cases) somewhat well-meaning people who swallowed down the slogans and had no awareness of the killer queen who was dishing this stuff out.

    The 60’s generation (and those generations beyond) were the self-declared cultural warriors puffed up by their own conceits of being the FREEDOM generation. They were the ones sporting those “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” bumper stickers. They were going to liberate mankind.

    But when all was said and done, that generation (and the ones following it who also suppose themselves also to be the specially anointed…including many a libertarian) have shown themselves to be duped fools. They fell for the marketing slogans of the Left and have not yet come to grips with the fact that they have been fooled.

    Like him or hate him (and he’s a bit of a self-conscious showman, if you ask me….I can’t be certain exactly what his politics are) — Michael Savage is certainly no fool. And all those who support socialism, “social justice,” and all the Orwellian camouflaged mechanisms that aid the state in its inexorable grind to total control of our lives, are indeed fools, or at least have been fooled. Or maybe they like being fooled.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Yes, Savage is a smart guy. When he first wrote that liberalism is a mental illness, I thought it was a bit over-the-top. Unfortunately, it turned out he was right all along.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Ditto. That bit of seeming hyperbole has, I think, been proven. There is something about being on the Left that messes with your inner sanity.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Britain has faced such declines before, during the interwar period. I recall that at one of the major universities they debated whether they would go to war to defend “king and country”, concluding that they would not. Fortunately, when push came to shove they were able to leave such weakness behind, perhaps partly because the sentiment hadn’t yet become universal. Whether England can recover now remains to be seen, but I have my doubts that Londonistan is still capable of it.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      England has two enemies within: The Left and Islam. They are an ongoing laboratory in disintegration. The superficial dumb-ass types such as Obama look to Europe with glazed eyes as the supposed pinnacle of human progress.

      But, in actuality, we can, and should, view events in Europe (particularly in Great Britain) as a laboratory model for what not to do. And should this blind chicken find a grain and actually find a way to defeat both Leftism and Islam, we can, for once (or at least in recent memory), actually learn something from them.

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