ButOutBagby Steve Lancaster4/13/16
Over the last few weeks I have become so tired of the national political debate that I am not watching the news much or, for that matter, even care who says what, to whom, and when.  I have checked out until August. For the most part I have made up my mind. My first choice is Cruz…and alternatively Trump. Anyone from the GOPe establishment is anathema and will send me back to vote Libertarian.

I have BOB (bug out bag) packed with everything necessary for a minor national emergency. My wife and I can leave our house with less than 10 minutes warning and have the necessary supplies to last for a least one week in any weather except Arctic. Unless the climate changes or I move, Arctic wear is not a priority in the Ozarks.

I do not know if anyone here packs BOB but I recommend at least a minimum of supplies that you might need in an emergency. I have consistently had various forms made up for the last 40+ years. You can be as expansive as you like, but the basics revolve around shelter, clothing, and food/water.

I consider personal safety a high priority so weapons are a necessity, and at least one good camp knife. Most of the supplies you might want are available from Amazon and the prices are lower than your local sporting goods stores. For about $150 you can acquire supplies that will keep you relatively secure for a week to a month depending upon how much food you choose to carry. I also recommend at least one tube (20 coins) of specie; silver is the best, as the price of gold limits the items you might wish to purchase.

I am not in any way a survivalist but I do believe that the Scouts’ motto; be prepared makes sense. We do not know when we may be forced to leave our homes. Those of you in CA are just waiting for the “big one” and someday it can happen. Up in Washington the time may come when it rains too much or stops raining. In the Midwest there are those pesky tornados and let’s not forget the chance alien invasion. They could be just getting here from Alpha Centuri.

Remember, unless you are preparing for a long term on the road, one bag per person that you can carry yourself. And remember the motto of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Don’t panic. • (1331 views)

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Another concern in or near parts of the Midwest is the New Madrid fault. It’s likely to let go another big one sometime, and the devastation could be extensive. I’m hoping we’d be all right in Louisville, more or less. Of course, if the Yellowstone supervolano goes off, all bets are off.

    The Personal Liberty website has had a number of interesting articles on emergency supplies. But given our debilitated health, we’d have little chance of surviving such a catastrophe.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    FYI, if you’re looking for some Ted Cruz stuff, has a Cruz store. I bought a few of the bumper magnets. The stickers are less expensive, but I’m tired of trying to tear these things off my car. They leave a mess.

    You could also head on over to the Ted Cruz store at his site. From the apparel selection I have my eye on this t-shirt.

    I figure this kind of stuff could be a part of a good BOB kit. The t-shirt is practical. It could be torn up in an emergency for bandages. And wearing it is a form of self-defense. Because most conservatives will have the guns, you’ll be less likely to get shot if they see you wearing one of these instead of some “hope and change” socialist baloney with an Obama rainbow bullseye on the front.

    • Steve Lancaster says:

      Had not really thought of the rainbow logo tee as a target, I prefer it on a cap, one shot one kill 🙂

  3. GHG says:

    The threat from natural disasters is ever present and being prepared is sound advice. However, I wonder if others, like me, have started to be concerned with social unrest and what I need to do to be prepared to survive if our society comes apart at the seams? Even typing those words gives me pause because it sounds so far fetched but that little niggling voice inside my head keeps “un-pausing” the thought. I’m either an idiot for being an alarmist or I’m an idiot for not doing something about it. Either way I’m an idiot caught in the middle of the road like a deer in the headlights.

    • Steve Lancaster says:

      Natural disasters are far more common and preparedness for them is quite natural and steps that any prudent person should consider. As it happens much of the same steps take you to preparing for riots, social disruption even civil war. I don’t think it is likely, yet I do prepare.

      By training and inclination I am a blade man and from the mid 70s to mid 2000s I carried a variety, generally several, knives. During that time I only used once. A man came into my business with a gun drawn and I cut off his hand with a katana that I kept behind the counter. As I have aged, my reaction time is slower so now I CCW. I have not encountered any situation that I felt caused the use of deadly force, however, as surely as I put my pants on I also arm up before I walk out my front door. Prudent or paranoia it is hard to say, but even paranoids have enemies and it is possible our culture could crack up. How many people in 1850 would have thought a civil war was coming with the deaths of over 700,000?

      • M Farrell says:

        HI Steve and GHG–
        I lived in LA in the 1990’s and was there for the Northridge earthquake (6.9 on the scale/furniture was all aver the place and I don’t think there was an unbroken piece of glass in the house) and the Rodney King riots– As bad as the earthquake was, it was not nearly as scarey as the riots– The earthquake was quick; you could assess the damage, take precautions for the aftershocks, and start cleaning up without feeling in constant fear of your surroundings and fellow inhabitants of LA– The riots were something else all together– They went on for days, more than 3000 fires were set, approximately 70 people (I don’t remember the exact number) were shot in sniper style shootings– Rioters were driving by homes and businesses and throwing fire jars (glass jars filled with gasoline or other flammables, plugged with a lit rag) through windows — You could not go to the food or drug store– It ended up with the national guard in the streets– Those with asthma (my son) suffered for several months because of the smoke/soot residue left in the air from the fires– The earthquake was an act of God and you knew what to do to deal with it– The riots were truly the “evil for the sake of evil” of man gone bizerk on the streets– The sheer violence, hatred, and intense, intentional destructiveness of the riots were astounding– The earthquake was dangerous and destructive, but not nearly as frightening as the unmitigated malice displayed by people during the riots– After the earthquake, most people tried to help each other– During the riots, there was predominantly fear and distrust of your fellows– The act of God was by far preferable and easier to deal with than the bizerk, evil rampage of man–

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I assume you’re referring to the 1992 riots after the acquittal of the police over the Rodney King matter. One of the keys to that riot (as to many other such disasters) was the decision to pull the police out, thereby unleashing the criminals as well as the anarchists. This is why so many of the criminals who were caught in the end weren’t blacks at all — and yet a liberal editorial cartoonist had the fires forming a big smoke cloud saying “Listen”. This was one of my first lessons in the sheer evil of modern liberalism.

          • M Farrell says:

            Not only were the police pulled back but the Mayor and Governor waited 3 days before they considered calling in the National Guard– The reason given for the delay was that they didn’t want to appear racist– I kid you not– Meanwhile, there were so many fires the fire department was not even attempting to put them out/ just to “knock them down” enough so that they didn’t spread–Finally, the fire trucks were refusing to go out without police escort because snipers were firing at the men on the hook and ladders– You want sheer evil, this was it–

            • Steve Lancaster says:

              I remember that well. I was living in Sacramento so the Bee said it was a minor incident, but all three of the military bases went on alert and unless you had an ID you did not get on base. That lasted about three weeks.

              I seem to remember also that all the fire departments in the area had sheriff escorts regardless of where the fire was.

          • M Farrell says:

            I’m afraid I didn’t “Listen” as the Lib editorial cartoonist admonished– I moved– As fast and as far as was reasonably feasible– As nice as the weather was, it wasn’t worth the lunatic people and idiot governance–

            • Timothy Lane says:

              Considering that California was then governed by a Republican (Pete Wilson), albeit with a solidly Democratic legislature, that was very prescient.

              • M Farrell says:

                HI Timothy–
                I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but regardless of who was governing, after you live for a month with a revolver on your nightstand, a shotgun and a baseball bat next to your door, taking turns on guarding /patrolling the access to you street (with shotguns/think of the Korean store owners guarding their stores with their ARs) , getting out was no act of prescience. Most of the normal, law-abiding folks I knew were carrying concealed (many illegally because CA/LA permits were so hard to get) all of the time– This had the side effect of turning a whole group of law abiding people into de facto/technical criminals in order for them to protect themselves or their families— It was an absolute mess– You would have to be “hit me with a brick” stupid not to see the writing on the wall– After these riots, I (and I believe many others) would never again have the slightest confidence that government would respond rationally–

              • Timothy Lane says:

                Well, that wasn’t all of California, just the urban areas with large minority (especially black) populations.

              • M Farrell says:

                I agree it wasn’t all of CA, but my point was that many of us will never again have the confidence that the authorities will react properly to protect citizens– Regardless of the facts on the ground, they will first stick their fingers in the air to see which way the politically correct wind is blowing before acting– My son was a police officer for 10 years in a major NE city– His stories of of police officer frustration with the politically correct politics of his superiors are legion– Citizen protection often was an afterthought making job performance by those who sincerely wanted to serve and protect very difficult–


      The answer to your question, GHG, is “yes” – people are starting to become concerned about society coming apart at the seams and trying to prepare for it. They are a subgroup of the “Preppers” – I don’t know if they have their own name. The acronyms “WROL” (Without Rule of Law) and “SHTF” (You-know-what Hits The Fan) are quite common and I think describe what you’re talking about. There are a lot of videos on YouTube discussing the specifics of food, water, firearms etc. that would be needed in such a situation. Check them out if you’re interested, but be advised they range from sober discussions to pretty wacky ideas.

      For myself, I do have a small BOB like Steve. I have some emergency supplies like fire-starting equipment, a week’s supply of food and water, etc. However, I am of the opinion that if we do have a SHTF situation, most probably complete economic collapse that occurs more quickly than expected (because we should all realize that of course collapse will come if we don’t reverse this country’s course), or possibly an acute political crisis that comes seemingly out of nowhere and leads to wide-scale unrest and rioting (e.g. Cruz defeats Clinton in November but the Democrats blatantly steal enough votes in Cleveland and Philadelphia to claim victory), most people would be better off staying in their homes rather than bugging out to the wilderness.

      My reasoning is that your home is probably a defensible base, providing that gangs of marauders aren’t coming through on a regular basis, and that survival in the wilderness requires a lot of skills that most of us, frankly, don’t have, even if we have a cabin in the mountains. For example, I’m no hunter, but I know that hunting is more difficult than just wandering around in the woods looking for some poor animal to shoot. As far as such skills go, Steve is probably better off than the rest of us here at ST, being I would assume the best rifleman and the only one to actually have undergone survival training.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Sometime back, Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon (about survival after a nuclear holocaust) was either reviewed or put on the Bookshelf here, and it has some material on how to survive such a situation. One might also look at William R. Forstchen’s One Second After, about the consequences of an EMP attack, which also has come up here. In both cases, the major characters survive at home.

      • Steve Lancaster says:

        It has been a long time since I “camped out”, I discovered early in life that mother nature, is a b***ch on wheels and does not want humans mucking about in the outback, however, I will do what I must to protect family, friends and those who put trust in me to defend them. So, if survival in the woods is part of the plan then I will work the plan.

  4. Timothy Lane says:

    It’s not connected to the topic, but one article I read today noted that this was the anniversary of the capture of Derna by American Marines assisted by mercenaries during the Tripolitanian War. Ian Douglas (William Keith) used the march to Derna as the basis for his future Marines novel Semper Mars. I first became familiar with this through Glenn Tucker’s account in his book on the struggles with the Barbary pirates. I’m sure that, as a Marine, you already know this. But there are many others who also appreciate such services.

    • Steve Lancaster says:

      The classic sword officers wear is a Maneluke style given to Lt O’Bannon after leading a platoon of Marines across a desert to attack Derna. It is still required for officers in dress uniform. Officers are given special lessons on how to handle the sword so as not to injure others or themselves.

      Lt O’Bannon was elected to the Kentucky legislature after leaving the Corps.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        The writer Elizabeth Moon, a former Marine, noted that as a non-combatant she didn’t have a sword (they don’t make enough to hand them out to everyone). But she did receive one later as a gift, and was very pleased by it.

        • Steve Lancaster says:

          Most civilians assume that the govt. provides uniforms, they do give a stipend but the cost of medals, and all the required accouterments can easily run over $1000, the sword alone costs in the range of $500-700 they are currently on sale at Sgt. Grit for $669.

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