Black Student Union & Allies Want Crime Alerts Censored

BlackCrimeby Taleeb Starkes   2/6/14
If the University of Minnesota permitted its Black Student Union to write the school’s crime alerts, the alerts would probably read like this:

“A homosapien has allegedly committed a crime on or near the university… Vigilance is advised.”

The crime alert would also be accompanied by an apology that expressed deep sorrow to any homosapien offended by its posting.

Fortunately, the crime alerts are written by the University of Minnesota Police Department (UMPD), and are posted on their webpage. Additionally, the crime alerts are emailed to students, faculty, and staff.

The UMPD’s webpage explains that the alerts simply highlight “crimes that may pose an ongoing threat to the University community.”

The Black Student Union noticed that the crime alerts routinely contained high amounts of melanin. In other words, Black suspects dominated the alerts. Determined to change this lopsided dynamic, the Black Student Union formulated a remedy. Unfortunately, their remedy wasn’t to address the unrelenting Black crime, such as robberies, which have increased twenty-seven percent on and around the campus. Instead, their solution was to merge with other Black-identifying groups, and petition the University to remove race from crime alerts.

As reported by CBS Minnesota:

The letter, sent on Dec. 6, 2013, was issued by members of the African American and African Studies, Black Faculty and Staff Association, Black Graduate and Professional Student Association, Black Men’s Forum, Black Student Union and Huntley House for African American Males.

The organizations wrote that while campus safety is crucial, the profiling can be devastating for black male students.

“[We] unanimously agree that campus safety should be of the UMPD’s utmost importance; however, efforts to reduce crime should never be at the expense of our Black men, or any specific group of people likely to be targeted. In addition to causing Black men to feel unsafe and distrusted, racial profiling is proven to inflict negative psychological effects on its victims.”

Besides being the first and only race to ever request that the University race-censors its crime alerts, these Black organizations evidently have no issue with emphasizing race to identify their respective groups; yet, race is taboo when identifying Black criminals. Oh, the irony… well actually, it’s hypocrisy.

The President of the Black Men’s Forum said that members of his organization feel threatened whenever racial descriptions are provided in crime alerts. Again, the Black criminals created this reality, not the University. These Black organizations characteristically mislabel criminal profiling as racial profiling.

Admittedly, I’m no social engineer. But, in three words, I’m going to provide some ingenious advice that would prevent us Blacks from being disproportionately mentioned in crime alerts, and nationwide police reports. Hopefully, Blacks will heed this simple truth.

Don’t commit crimes!

Coincidentally, these three words can also be used to reverse Black overrepresentation in prisons.

This letter, which really should’ve been written to Black criminals, also contained twelve recommendations for the UMPD, including mandatory diversity training for officers.

The Vice President of University Services, Pamela Wheelock, recently responded to the grievance letter, and utilized common sense to end the discourse. Naturally, the Black organizations, and PC gods were disappointed with her for placing campus safety over political correctness.

She concluded:

“I firmly believe that a well-informed community is an asset to public safety…I believe that sharing more information in our Crime Alerts, not less, is most beneficial in terms of public safety, especially when that information is available.

The information we share can include a complete description of suspects, unique identifying characteristics such as an accent or a distinctive piece of clothing, or the description of vehicles involved.

We have reviewed what other Big Ten Universities and local colleges and universities include, and our practice of including the race of a suspect when it is available from a victim’s description is consistent with their practices.”

With the no-snitch mantra governing urban landscapes across America, the Black community should mimic the University of Minnesota’s approach to crime.

And even though the University maintained its position on race-censorship, the Black organizations can still celebrate the fact that the mainstream media often censors race, especially when reporting on “teen” flash mobs and “juveniles” playing the Knockout game.
StarkesTaleeb Starkes is the author of an Amazon #1 bestseller that confronts the subculture within the black community, THE UN-CIVIL WAR: BLACKS vs NI**ERS.  Find Taleeb on Twitter. • (2027 views)

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11 Responses to Black Student Union & Allies Want Crime Alerts Censored

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Hopefully, Blacks will heed this simple truth.

    Don’t commit crimes!


  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Yes, reporting the race of criminal suspects will cause pain for black students — at any rate, the criminals among them. I wonder how many of the organization members complaining about the alerts fall into that category. If this point were made more often, it might reduce the frequency with which such idiocies are voiced.

    Of course, “there is nothing new under the Sun.” Jim Bouton in Ball Four (about his 1969 season) mentioned an incident in which Mike Marshall, after being mugged, tried to avoid mentioning the race of the mugger when asked to describe him by the police. I also remember reading once about a retailer who found a clever way to mock this sort of idiocy, especially in job requirements, advertising (to use an example I remember) for a “pregnant man or woman” to model maternity clothes (he couldn’t require a specific “gender” due to anti-discrimination law).

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Here are a couple possible scenarios:

      + We are all God’s children
      + We are all Americans with a stake in law and order and true justice
      + We will divide ourselves along lines of race, much like a primitive tribal society, and judge according to the color of one’s skin (either positively or negatively)

      The rot of Cultural Marxism (including “diversity,” “social justice,” and “tolerance”) is that it describes society and mankind as the product of clashes over races, sex, and class. Indeed, sometimes this applies. As with everything regarding the evil and dastardly Left, there is always woven into it an element of truth.

      But is it better or worse to judge people according to race rather than their own behavior? Surely we are not incapable of doing so. Which society would you want to live in? Thus we ask the question of the various useful idiots and low information voters: Why do you keep voting for these Marxist fiends, even if they dress up their primitive ideas under the nice-sounding word of “Progressive”?

      If you care about black people, care enough to treat them like equal citizens, worthy of praise when doing something praise-worthy and worthy of scorn when acting unlawful. This is not a difficult concept.

      The truth of the matter, however, is the racial grievance has made for good politics. It also feeds the narcissism rampant in our society. As Thomas Sowell notes, few liberal whites actually care about blacks. They are simply used as mascots or puppets to supposedly show how much one cares. But in ways of caring that matter, liberals come up short. They do little but poison our whole society with their racial agenda.

  3. David Ray says:

    This has happened before. Once a top ten most wanted list had all black males. The tears and wails erupted and the newspaper promised some kinda BS so they wouldn’t have Rainbow/Push show up.

    I’ll avoid having my mug show up next to Lindsay Lohan, Charlie “Winning” Sheen, etc in the paper. It’s not that hard.
    As for any who try any crap on me I’ll demonstrate the working end of my Glock 26 or S&W Bodyguard .380. (I’ll try to avoid shootin some thug that looks like little Barry’s son, but make no promises.)

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      The reality is what it is. Perhaps what needs exposing is why so many blacks commit crimes. And the answer is not “whitey made me do it.” The fact is, there are elements in the black culture (and Democratic politics) that lead to this. And that is a very political hot potato. I mean, what if it were exposed that the party and the movement that supposedly cares so much for blacks is actually the entity the facilitates black crime and the breakdown of the black family?

      In the days when there used to be such things as investigative journalists, this would make for a good front-page story. But we now live in this mentally crazy era of America where various “narratives” must be propped up, and the truth be damned. And blacks are thus damned as well.

      • David Ray says:

        Ann Coulter said it best herself . . .
        People/liberals like this are not born; they’re made. (This evil behavior was taught methodically and built over time.)

  4. I have two comments 1) it’s interesting that the concern is for the feelings of the possible perpetrators than for the actual victims and 2) our society is only worried about appearances, not about reality, because reality = truth and we can’t have any of that hanging around.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Liberals see the perpetrators as underdogs (after all, according to liberal dogma that’s why they commit crimes), so that’s where their sympathies lie. And many of the victims would be considered overdogs, and therefore deserving of no compassion from avant-garde liberals no matter the circumstances.

  5. LibertyMark says:

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds. Yet I doubt those who promulgate their own victimocracy actually recognize the irony, as stated in this blog post.

    I see on another of my favorite web sites that the NAACP held a march today in NC protesting voter ID laws. The thing is, their Do’s and Don’ts for marchers says photo ID is required. This is no joke, although the bitter humor of it is redolent.

    Beclowning we much…

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Voting illegally is not a civil right. How the black grievance coalition has gotten a lot of mileage out of those two words.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      This sort of thing happens frequently, even at the Democratic Convention in 2012. But liberals seem to lack any form of introspection regarding their political views. Note the comment by SNL’s producer that Republicans can take being joked about (for example, the Capitol Steps noted that both Reagan and Bush the Elder insisted when they appeared at the White House that they be the sole targets of jokes on those occasions), whereas Democrats take it personally. Isaac Asimov (as noted in his memoirs) behaved the same way — not about jokes targeting him, but political satire targeting liberalism (such as Al Capp with his “Phony Joanie” and Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything). I think it comes from their extreme sanctimony, combined with their Orwellian refusal to think anything that might challenge orthodoxy in any way.

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