Black Liberal Intellectual Downplays Mia Love’s Historic Election

MiaLoveby Patricia L. Dickson   11/14/14
I knew it wouldn’t take long for liberal black intellectuals to weigh in on the historic election of the two black Republicans to Congress.  The election of Representative-Elect Mia Love (R-Utah) and Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) makes it more difficult for the liberals, mainly our esteemed black intellectuals, to continue their claim that Republicans are racist and America is still a racist country.

When I came across an article titled “She Looks Black, but Her Politics Are Red: What Mia Love’s Victory Means for the Face of the GOP” in the Huffington Post, I thought to myself, Here we go.  The author, Darron T. Smith, Ph.D., certainly did not disappoint.  His bio states that he is a professor and received his doctoral degree from the University of Utah in the Department of Education, Culture and Society.

Although he mentioned other black Republicans in the article, his focus was Mia Love.  In an attempt to throw cold water on her historic election and to remind black people that the Republican Party is still racist, Dr. Smith claims that Mia Love is just window dressing.  What I find perplexing about his claim is why it is that he and other black liberals think that the Republican Party needs tokens and window dressings.  Is it something he learned from being window dressing for the Democrat Party?

This pattern of using blacks to further white interests was foundational in the emergence of American society and has been carried forth with each proceeding generation, whether blacks are used physically or, in this case, symbolically. In the end, however, her new role as a freshman GOP congresswoman serves more as window dressing for the red states and is unlikely to result in a shift of more blacks to a party that continues to relegate them to the borders of society.

The unspoken purpose of the article is to deter black Americans from even thinking of joining the Republican Party by downplaying Mrs. Love’s election as furthering white America’s interest.  What exactly is white America’s interest?  Smith did not elaborate on what he considers white America’s interest.  He went as far as calling her election and accomplishment dangerous because it sends a false message that America is post-racial.

Instead, her accomplishment is quite dangerous for people of color, sending a message that society is post-racial when, in fact, hate crimes, police shootings of innocent and unarmed black men and boys and vitriolic online attacks have dramatically increased since the election of our first black president. Mia Love and her red political ideology do not align with the needs of black Americans, historically disenfranchised people who remain left out and left behind.

Dr. Smith repeats the same tired meme that blacks who join the Republican Party are somehow out of touch with the black community and refuse to acknowledge the racism and struggles that black Americans continue to experience today.  In other words, America is still the same as before the Civil Rights Act, and there has not been any change in race relation for the past 50 years.  In fact, racism has gotten worse.  Black intellectuals contend that blacks are supposed to think as a group and are not supposed to see themselves as individuals.  They attempt to chastise blacks who stray from the group by claiming that they are being used by whites.  This is a veiled warning to other blacks not to stray.

Black Americans are the only racial group that votes in a bloc and, arguably, the only group to vote their political interests. But Mia Love, viewing herself and others through the prism of individualism, strays from the political stances that would benefit the black community as a whole, which is why a political figure like her is so compelling.

Mia and others like her are seemingly out of touch with the political realities of African Americans and what remains at stake for them. It would be a mistake to assume that all black people are monolithic and share the same political inclinations — the Pew Research Center estimates some 3 million self-identified black Americans are registered Republicans — but there has yet to be a groundswell of support for the right-wing ideology among the vast majority of black voters. Thus, for most African Americans, it appears counterintuitive that someone black, female and Mormon could possibly endorse the GOP given its history of anti-Black, anti-feminist and anti-Mormon sentiment.

Make no mistake about it: the Democrats’ recent losses have them running scared.  All of their narratives (war on women, racist Republicans) appear to be losing their effectiveness.  We can expect to see more anger and aggressive pushback from them in the next two years.  Their base had better hold on tight, because it is going to be a bumpy rough ride as the wheels continue to come off the Democrat Party’s bus.

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10 Responses to Black Liberal Intellectual Downplays Mia Love’s Historic Election

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Liberals are collectivists who see people only as identical members of groups. So Mia Love, Tim Scott, and other conservative blacks are parts of the identical (to liberals) groups “Conservative” and “Republican” rather than the group “Blacks”. That makes it very easy to continue pushing their “racist Republicans” smear.

    Incidentally, Will Hurd (who defeated incumbent Pete Gallego in the Texas 23rd CD) is also a black, as is Martha McSally (who has a 161 vote lead over incumbent Ron Barber in the Arizona 2nd CD with all votes in, subject to recount).

  2. David Ray says:

    I’d share the wisdom that Mia Love shared in her speech during the 2012 RNC convention, but unfortunately I can’t . . . The network thought that that would be a great time to take an extended commercial break. (Perhaps it was just unfortunate timing.)

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I watch FNC (in fact, I haven’t watched any other news channel, even the regular networks, in well over a decade), or perhaps in that case it was C-SPAN. They had Mia Love’s full speech.

      • David Ray says:

        I just can’t resist, so I must ask about C-SPAN. . .

        Have you ever seen a congressman/Senator dozzin off. My guess is that it happens a lot. Reagan had jet-lag and struggled in front of the Pope; and the press made damned sure I saw it several times. (C’mon Mr. Lane! Gimme the juice. Even I heard of the exploits of Nighthorse Campbell who couldn’t keep awake. Do you employ drinking games when they doze off? Tell me, damn it!!!!)

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I generally don’t watch C-SPAN. But in 2012 I wanted complete Republican Convention coverage, and changed channels until I got it. I just don’t remember which channel it was on. I would have checked FNC and C-SPAN first.

        • faba calculo says:

          You never see senators or representatives sleeping because C-SPAN doesn’t control the cameras, and the orders to those who man the cameras is that they always stay focused on whoever is speaking.

          This came about because some Republican, I think it was Gingrinch, gave a fiery speech once, condemning many of the Democrats by name, and the Dem in charge of the chamber ordered that the cameras be turned onto the chamber so that the viewers could see that it was essentially empty. This riles so many people that the above rule was put in place.

  3. GHG says:

    Patricia, I can’t imagine the hateful responses you must get from those in the black community who don’t share your Christian and conservative perspective. It must break your heart. I pray for your strength and courage to continue to fight the good fight.

    I don’t recall if this has been discussed on this website, but there were 4 black men in Chicago who blasted Democrat politicians, especially black leaders, for the continuing problems in the black community. They give me hope that people on the left side of the political divide are waking up and seeing the truth.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      This apparently had some effect. Erick Erickson pointed out that the GOP ran much better than usual among Illinois blacks.

    • Thanks for your prayers. So far, I have gotten a few hate emails (I hope to get more). Many people are cowards and would rather leave nasty comments on a blog so that they can remain anonymous rather than send an email so that their identity will be known.

      I want to receive hateful emails so that I can have an excuse to minister God’s word to them in my response. I feel that my only purpose in life is to win souls for the kingdom of God and I am ready for the task.

  4. Anniel says:

    Patricia – I love Mia Love and am delighted when such a good woman can be elected.

    God bless the land that produces people of such high quality.

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