Why Black Americans Should Vote Republican

VoteGOPby Patricia L. Dickson   6/17/14
As the failures of our current president and the Democratic Party continues to pile up every day, rather than admit that their chosen party’s policies are ineffective , black American’s favorite counter is Why should we vote for Republicans? This retort is absurd simply because it implies that individuals must decide as a group which political party to support.

The Democratic Party has successfully taught individuals that they should see themselves as part of a group. Once an individual identifies with a group, it is easier to establish the victim status if that group has historically experienced some form of discrimination. It is more difficult for an individual to claim personal discrimination, because it requires one to point to specific occurrences.

I have grown weary of hearing black Americans concede that the Democratic Party has not delivered on its promises (whatever those promises are) and yet claim that the Republican Party has not given any reason to vote for it, either. Because of this reoccurring claim from my fellow black Americans, I will provide reasons why not only black Americans, but also all Americans should vote Republican.


Everyone knows that the first step in ensuring one’s chance at leading a successful life is that one must obtain some form of education. Everyone also knows that the first step for a dictator (or government) that wants to control its people is to deny individuals a good education.

The Republican Party’s platform includes school choice. By providing poor families school vouchers, parents have the option to send their children to better-performing schools. The Democratic Party opposes the school voucher program. The school voucher program puts parents in charge of their children’s education instead of the government. The Democratic Party is in bed with the teachers’ unions, whose main goal is to ensure that their members get tenure regardless of overall effectiveness in the classroom. Poor black children’s education has been stunted by an ineffective public school system that employs a high number of incompetent teachers.

Once poor minority kids have had an opportunity to graduate from a good performing school, they can decide on the kind of secondary education of their own choosing. The Federal Pell Grant Program awards grants to the neediest of families. In the 2012-2013 award year, $36 billion in Pell Grants helped almost 10 million undergraduate students attend college. Pell Grant funding can cover tuition, fees, housing and food expenses, books and supplies, transportation, and childcare.

Focus on Job Creation

Republicans’ stance on job creation is economic growth. According to the Small Businesses Administration’s report in 2012, small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms and 64 percent of net new private-sector jobs. The Republican Party’s platform includes lowering tax rates on small businesses to free up resources to hire more people. Economic growth occurs when more citizens are employed rather than unemployed. The Democrats’ claim that Republicans want to take food out of the mouths of poor people by cutting food stamps is a scare tactic. The Republican Party believes that individuals would rather have jobs instead of food stamps, dignity instead of government handouts. This can happen only if individuals (regardless of the color of their skin) are equipped with the tools (education and jobs) to better themselves.

Protection of Individual Rights

Hardly a day goes by without some Democrat or liberal media personality talking about gun control. The Republican Party supports and respects the citizen’s constitutional individual rights, from free speech to the right to bear arms (First and Second Amendments). The Republican Party also respects the individual’s right to keep more of his or her income rather than have it taken by the government in the form of higher taxes.

Charges of Republican racism are the tool that Democrats use to keep black Americans in the Democratic Party. Democrats have even rewritten their party’s history on slavery, Jim Crow, civil rights, and the Ku Klux Klan by claiming that the parties have since switched (that the former racist Democrats are now Republicans). These charges of racism are used to distract poor black Americans from focusing on the fact that their (black Americans’) kids are stuck in failing schools, that their unemployment rate is higher than any other group, and that their neighborhoods are a war zone.

It is amazing that black Americans demand that the Republican Party provide a reason why they (black Americans) should vote them (Republican), whereas the Democrats are not even held accountable by black Americans for years of failing policies. The Democrats can get away with promising to make sure that black Americans continue to receive food stamps and welfare and nothing else. My question to my fellow black Americans is this: why do you continue voting for Democrats? What have they done for you? What is your return on years of investments?

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7 Responses to Why Black Americans Should Vote Republican

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    We should all pray for the happiness and well-being of Patricia, for I know from experience that conservative blacks receive a lot of grief from other blacks. The attitudes of blacks indoctrinated by Leftism and the Democratic Party are typically pretty harsh and caustic.

    Ask yourselves this, if this one person can speak out like this, why can’t you? What are you doing to stand up to the race hustlers and other ne’er-do-wells of the Left? The Patricias of the world are not there to do our jobs for us. They are there to show us the way.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    This seems a very nice summation of 3 basic reasons why Republicans (poor as they are) are better for America, and thus for most Americans (except for abortionists, leeches, criminals, etc.), than Democrats. The open-borders crowd, for example, includes many Republicans but all Democrats, and at least some of the latter (such as Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois) admit that their loyalty is to the invaders. None of this crowd cares what those open borders do to low-skilled workers who seek to escape the welfare trap (a group that obviously includes a large number of blacks) — yet this has been one of my concerns for years (hence my opposition to open borders).

  3. Timothy Lane says:

    Michael Schaus has an interesting article (available on Town Hall) about Chicago as an example of the inedible fruits of liberalism that makes a fine complement to this article.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Reasons black Americans should vote Democrat:

    1) To maintain a sense of victimhood, grievance, and entitlement

    2) To shift the blame for one’s personal failures or lack of ambition to someone else

    3) To get “free stuff”

    4) Because bigotry is fun!

    5) To maintain the spoils system, such as affirmative action.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      As Theodore Dalrymple writes,

      “There are more votes in the flattery of vulgarity than in the denunciation of it.”

      He also wonders,

      “Does that mean it is destined to be ever victorious?”

      Dalrymple is writing about the British, but I am sure his points cover Americans, particularly the professional victims among us.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        This is why it floored me when Mike Reagan said the Republicans should stay away from “social issues.”

        Without the values of integrity, honor, fidelity, humility, and sanctity, how can people ever vote for something more honorable than vulgarity?

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Yes, that seems a very nice summation. It seems to work, too, for most of them. As far back as 1960 (and probably earlier), welfare was the reason for their unanimity, at least in the big cities. Today I suspect it’s a combination of welfare and victimhood.

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