Black Americans and the Obama Dilemma

Obamaby Patricia L. Dickson   5/28/14
When Black Americans decided that they would throw their full support behind Barack Obama in both of his presidential runs, they set in motion a rolling stone that cannot be stopped. It is foolish and dangerous to give your unyielding support to anyone, let alone someone you know very little about. As a Christian American black female back in 2008, I got in many heated discussions with who I thought were other intelligent Christian black Americans (some were my close friends since childhood). I got the shock of my life when I was yelled at and called all kinds of names by individuals that I thought were both Christians and also my friends. No matter how many facts I presented about candidate Barack Obama’s record supporting issues that were contrary to what these individuals claim to be against (e.g. abortion), they were unyielding in their support for the black presidential candidate.[pullquote]…when I asked them whether or not they were going to vote for him in the upcoming election, they all said “of course.” Their rationale was that if blacks did not support Obama, the racist Republicans and the Tea Party would destroy him.[/pullquote]

During the 2007-2008 presidential campaign, I was in the military on active duty. I used to sometimes spend my lunch break in the Wing Chaplain’s office discussing scriptures with the chaplain. I had a tremendous amount of respect for this chaplain, who happened to be black. He would constantly try to convince me to come and speak at his church (he pastored a church in the community) because I had such in-depth knowledge of the scriptures. Our relationship was going well until the tapes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright surfaced. I had not discussed politics nor Barack Obama’s candidacy with him up until that point. I was so offended by the things that Rev. Wright was saying on the tapes and the whole Black Liberation Theology that I brought it up to him. I thought that he (being a Christian pastor) would be just as offended as I was and reject the whole Black Liberation Theology. I was floored by the response that I got from him. He in turn told me that he himself had studied Black Liberation Theology when he was in seminary (he attended Howard University) and he understood where Rev. Wright was coming from because he (the chaplain) too had experienced racism. He then asked if I was supporting Obama. I immediately started laying out the facts about candidate Obama’s record on abortion and he got agitated with me. He looked at me and said, “Who am I supposed to support, McCain”? That was the last conversation that I had with him.

Fast forward to May 9, 2012 when President Barack Obama publically stated that his support for gay marriage had “evolved.” Black Americans and clergy were privately angry and embarrassed that the first black president came out in support of gay marriage. Nonetheless, blacks could not speak out against the president because no one could know (especially white America) that blacks were in disagreement with the first black president. Every black person that I talked to was angry that President Obama had come out in support of gay marriage, but when I asked them whether or not they were going to vote for him in the upcoming election, they all said “of course.” Their rationale was that if blacks did not support Obama, the racist Republicans and the Tea Party would destroy him.

Since Obama has been president, he has overturned Don’t Ask Don’t Tell allowing gays to openly serve in the military. He has made personal phone calls to both Jason Collins and Michael Sams (both black athletes) congratulating them for coming out of the closet. Black Americans were privately seething with anger and embarrassment after it was reported that the president personally called and congratulated these black athletes for their courage for coming out of the closet. Black Americans did not expect the first black president to support gay marriage. Most blacks are against the homosexual lifestyle, as well as abortion. When you support someone based on the color of his/her skin alone without examining his/her record and character, you cannot help but end up in a dilemma. When you cast aside your so-called Christian faith in exchange for the color of someone’s skin, you end up in a dilemma. Barack Obama does not care in the least about black Americans. With the President’s horrendous record on everything from the economy, healthcare, to foreign policy, black Americans are hoping that the historians rewrite history to make the falling first Black President a success. However, the one thing that black Americans know that no historian can rewrite is that the first black president did more for the homosexual agenda than any president in history, and that is the dilemma.
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5 Responses to Black Americans and the Obama Dilemma

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    It’s obvious that a person’s ideas matter more to Patricia than the color of one’s skin. This used to be a fairly uncontroversial and unsurprising thing to say amongst people of good will.

    Those days are gone. What I get out of this superb article are two things:

    1) Patricia Dickson values ideas and her Christian faith over skin color and mere tribal affiliations

    2) There is rampant racism and ignorance in the black community.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      A poll a little while back found that Americans considered blacks to be the most racist racial group — and that blacks themselves agreed with this assessment. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lou Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Eric Holder, Barry Screwtape Obama, Melissa Harris-Perry, John Lewis, Charles Rangel, James Clyburn, Maxine Waters — the evidence for such a conclusion is hyperabundant.


      Yes, this was a fascinating insight into the workings of the minds of those within the black community that those of us outside that community would not otherwise get. We had known, of course, that Obama enjoyed near-universal support within that community (not that some of his 100% vote totals in certain precincts still weren’t suspicious), but what we didn’t know was that so many blacks think of Republicans (the people who freed black slaves against the wishes of white Democrats!) as racists. It reminds me somewhat of the O.J. Simpson verdict almost 20 years ago now, which all blacks seemed to celebrate and all whites deplore. The poison of cultural Leftism has done its work, and we must seek its antidote.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Well, the sacrifice of church and morality to racial identity politics was foreshadowed when Jesse the Jetstream (as Mike Royko called him back in 1972) decided that his political ambition required switching from pro-life to pro-abortion. But I do know that there was a modest movement of black pastors to oppose Slick Barry over homosexual marriage in 2012. It didn’t have much effect, of course, probably not even in their own congregations.

    Jack Roosevelt Robinson was a long-time Republican. Partly this reflects the fact that the GOP was much better on civil rights issues compared to the Democrats (who had a lot of northern liberals willing to vote for civil rights — though only a few, such as Hubert Humphrey, were strong supporters — but also represented Jim Crow and the Klan), but also because he rightly argued that it wasn’t good for blacks to be hooked entirely into one party (which could then take them for granted).

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    This is what happens when a group sells its collective soul to one party. Given the fact that the Democrat presidential nominee has, for decades, received 90-95% of the black vote it is clear something abnormal is taking place. Any black who steps out of line must be disciplined as the facade of racial unity is seen as more important than truth, honor or religion. If too many blacks vocally disagree with the Democrat party the political tool of racial grievance will become less relevant and effective. This must be avoided at all cost.

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