Best-Dressed Being

by Fashqn7/20/16

Obviously, I am not speaking here of actual clothing…(though we should be careful with those as well )….but the ‘clothing’ of His righteousness ..that speaks to the world of His presence and glory.

What Clothes Will I Choose To Wear Today?

Will I choose the ones that honor my King?

That show the world my true inner being?

Or will I again reach for those from the past

That fit so ‘comfortably’ and seem longer to last

Will I grab the ones that I know are ‘my size’

Or the ones that will help me to see through His eyes

Will I go for the colorful, reach for the flair

That helps me blend in with the masses out there

Or will I be different, set apart from the rest

Putting on the garments that reflect Him the best

Will the choices before me, cloud up my mind

Or will I wear His choice, His peace then to find

Will I rejoice that He’s given me a choice here at all

Or resent His influence, and ignore when He calls

Will I pick that which shines; and speaks of His ways

Or that which allows me to hide Him today?

Will I reject the colors that seem just too ‘loud’

And settle for those that fit in with the crowd

I hope I choose His clothes each time I get dressed

For I know, from His word, that His ways are best

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3 Responses to Best-Dressed Being

  1. Anniel says:

    Thank you for your poem, which I have pondered for several days. I love the thought of dressing to reflect the Lord’s glory. Showing His presence in us as an idea that excites me. Again, thank you.

    • Tamara says:

      such a sweet comment…thank YOU ….I am just so blessed and grateful that God puts these thoughts and ideas and inspirations in my mind, and lets me find places to share them …

      So happy you liked it

  2. Rosalys says:

    This one is very convicting! Never-the-less, it is necessary. I must thank you.

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