Benghazi Blues for Obama

Benghaziby Anniel   5/9/14
After all that has been said about Benghazi, nothing is as damning as the callousness, dishonesty and lack of humanity put on full display by President Barack H. Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and other members of this ruthless regime towards the families of the four Americans killed there on September 11, 2012.

Anyone who was paying even a smidgen of attention in those few days after the attack had a pretty clear picture right away of what had gone down in Benghazi, and the failures of this administration in dealing with the attack. Why the Regime thought they could get away with lying, and then sending Susan Rice out to compound the lies is beyond belief. And still they lie, again and again.

Remember the scene and the promises made at Dover AFB on September 14, 2012, as the flag-draped coffins of the four American Citizens who had been murdered three days before, Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, who preferred to be called Chris, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods arrived back in their homeland? The crocodile tears that were shed as a “visibly moved” (per the UK Daily Mail) Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that Chris Stevens was a friend of hers, and promised the mother of Sean Smith that her son’s murderers would be brought to justice.

President Obama said, “Their sacrifice will never be forgotten. We will bring to justice those who took them from us. . . . Four Americans, four patriots. They loved this country. They chose to serve it, and served it well.” Then he jetted off to a fund raiser. He mourned no longer than necessary.

At Dover AFB Mrs. Clinton hugged Pat Smith as she blamed a video for what had happened, and promised Mrs. Smith that if any information changed she would be the first to know. As of May 4, 2014 Mrs. Smith says she still has not heard anything from anyone, despite her pleas.

All the promises that were made, the tears that were shed, and then, nothing. Less than a year later Hillary Clinton would famously testify: “what difference at this point does it make?” We heard her say Chris Stevens was her friend, but she seems no longer to care, and doesn’t she still have “promises to keep” to Mrs. Smith and other family members?

Now a State Department spokesman says John Kerry can’t appear before the committee. Oh, wait, maybe he can after all. And Rep. Adam Schiff (Dem. CA) recommends that Democrats just boycott the hearings, even while Nancy Pelosi demands that half of the committee be Democrats or, if not, the Dems actually may follow through on the boycott. This is the same Nancy Pelosi who as Speaker regularly weighted Special Committees with Democrats. And if Elijah Cummings is appointed to the committee will Pelosi control him since he can’t control himself?

Charles Woods, father of Benghazi victim Tyrone Woods, repeatedly asked Obama to answer questions about the murders and what was being done about them. The mainstream media paid scant attention to him. Remember when this brave man called Obama out on Benghazi and told him to act like a man? He addressed his words directly to Obama and asked him, for the sake of his own soul, to stop lying. He ended by saying, “It’s better to die a hero than to live a coward.”

Since he received no recognition or answers from the administration, Mr. Woods finally returned to his home in Hawaii. I think I heard someplace that Obama regularly plays golf in Hawaii. Did he ever take time out to visit Mr. Woods, or even call him while he was there? We can guess he prefers to live as a coward.

All the necessary facts are known about Benghazi by which to make an informed judgement. But the most damning aspect of this whole affair has nothing to do with the facts of the attack as much as it has to do with the blatantly callous disregard shown to the families of the four murdered Americans. Perhaps if President Obama and the other principal players in his regime had shown even one speck of human feeling for those families they could have avoided the problems they now face. • (1204 views)

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7 Responses to Benghazi Blues for Obama

  1. steve lancaster says:

    There are a lot of lies that the administration have given birth most are so unbelievable that even Joseph Gobbles would find them laughable. Suppose that we really did not have military ready to respond, there is one asset we could have used, always ready, intensely trained for this type of operation and less than two-three hours away.

    Yes, a request from the US of our closest and only real ally Israel would have been received and acted upon by the IDF. It may not have been possible to save all of the embassy team, but elements of the IDF could have been on the ground in force in hours and controlled the situation saving American lives and making a statement to Iran that the alliance between the US and Israel is mutual and strong.

    What better way to bring a dose of reality to the Muslim world. Of course, there is no way that Obama would ask for assistance from a Jewish state, because of upsetting the Muslims, can they hate us anymore than they do already?

    • Mike Kamrath says:

      Good point! Our nation is headed for the garbage heap of history. We have reaped God’s blessings as promised to those who bless Abraham’s descendants, and are now beginning to reap his judgment, promised to those who curse them. All promised in Gen 12:3.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    But they did get away with their lies. Slick Barry won re-election, perhaps because of them, but at any rate he won, and that’s ALL that mattered. One can only understand Inner Party liberals by realizing that they really are just like O’Brien in 1984, though generally without his sadism. They don’t mean well, they have no integrity, and their sole political concern is the success of the Cause, which means the Party’s acquisition of power. Outer Party liberals, though stupid (they are, after all, willing dupes of the Inner Party), do mean well, and the Inner Party uses their decency and gullibility to keep them active as the shock troops of the Party.


      Pretty much covers the nature of the Democratic Left, or the “Inner Party” in terms of 1984.

  3. steve lancaster says:

    Yes, they have gotten away with the farce that is Obama, and the progressives who have and keep drinking the cool-aid will continue to support the administration until they get mugged by the administration, then they will cry what happened, and no one will be left to listen. Regardless of your political instincts you are either one of “them” or not. If not you are my ally if you align with O then you are an enemy of freedom.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      An enemy not just of freedom but of the United States. It’s quite clear from the liberal disdain for accountability over Benghazi (note that the word ghazi means holy warrior, as some might recall from A Study in Scarlet) that liberals place their partisan interest above the national interest as a general rule.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Another good article, Anniel.

    This is a subject that will ultimately be decided by the court of public opinion. And it’s not at all apparent that the public has moral and intellectual fiber left to do anything but be useful idiots.

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