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God, Conservatism, and Donald Trump

Trump4by Trevor Thomas2/22/16
For the last several days, I’ve spent a lot of time spreading the following paragraph around the Internet: More » • (3256 views)

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Killing the Scouts

BoyScoutby Trevor Thomas5/27/15
The plague continues to spread. Whether the church, para-church organizations, the government, schools, corporations, small businesses, and even blood banks, the plague of liberalism seems to know no bounds. More » • (2145 views)

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Some Inconvenient (and Uncomfortable) Truths on Homosexuality

AnalSexby Trevor Thomas   8/1/14
Earlier this year, as Ezra Klein’s was launched, when describing why another news and politics site was necessary, Klein remarked that Vox would be “as good at explaining the world as it is at reporting on it.” It seems that is not the case when it comes to homosexuality. More » • (6401 views)

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Same-Sex Marriage, Paganism, the Founders, and Natural Law

SameSexThumbby Trevor Thomas   1/18/14
In the ongoing debate on the definition of marriage, I have made it clear more than once that both sides are making a moral argument, and thus it is futile for anyone to decry the “legislating of morality.” More » • (5256 views)

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Debating Evolution

Evolutionby Trevor Thomas   1/18/14
Recently, Answers in Genesis, the Christian organization devoted to teaching “the relevance of a literal Genesis to the church and the world,” announced an upcoming (February 4) debate between Ken Ham, founder and president of the Creation Museum, and Bill Nye of TV’s “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” More » • (2622 views)

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On Social Issues, Neal Boortz is Lost

NealBoortzby Trevor Thomas   12/30/13
While substituting for Sean Hannity recently, Neal Boortz went into another of his “libertarian” rants against “social” conservatives. More » • (2295 views)

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Why We’re Raising ‘Duck Dynasty’ Boys, and not ‘Pajama Boys’

FamilyThumbby Trevor Thomas   12/24/13
After Phil Robertson told the truth to GQ Magazine (though in a rather colorful way) about homosexuality, liberals went into their predictable hypocritical hyperventilation. More » • (1072 views)

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