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Book Review: Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen

by Timothy Lane1/7/18
This was the last work by the late SF author H. Beam Piper (though not the last to appear), being printed the year after he committed suicide. It started as a story in his future history, but editor John W. Campbell suggested he put it in a different series More » • (74 views)

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Book Review: Conjure Wife

by Timothy Lane6/25/17
by Fritz Lieber  •  Available for Kindle  •  Norman and Tansy Saylor are a typical small-town college faculty couple. He’s a sociology professor — and she’s a witch helping to protect her husband and his career. Norman accidentally discovers this one day when he comes across various supplies he recognizes from his own research in the subject. More » • (722 views)

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This Day In History: April 19

by Timothy Lane4/18/17

April 19 has a certain historical resonance, some of which may be unknown even to readers here. It’s especially important in terms of civil rights — such as the Second Amendment. More » • (1099 views)

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This Day in History: January 8

by Timothy Lane1/8/17

Not all that much history is created in winter because most of our history comes from areas that have poor weather then, so they tend to be inactive. European armies, for example, traditionally went into winter quarters. More » • (476 views)

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Vote Fraud Army

by Timothy Lane11/11/16

(with apologies to Tom Lehrer)

We are the Vote Fraud Army.
Every one of us Cares.
We all hate poverty, war, and injustice,
And ACORN pays for our wares. More » • (525 views)

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Book Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

GoldenTickektby Timothy Lane9/5/16
This book by Roald Dahl is the source for the Gene Wilder movie, Wiilie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (His father’s job is screwing the caps on toothpaste tubes., and he has to support Charlie’s grandparents as well as himself, his wife, and Charlie.) More » • (786 views)

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Book Review: Dumbth

DumthSteveAllenby Timothy Lane7/31/16
By Steve Allen  •  Available for the Kindle  •  This came out a quarter-century ago and was written by a liberal (though not a leftist) entertainer, but has a lot of material here worthy of interest from the conservative viewpoint. More » • (942 views)

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Book Review: Bill O’Reilly’s Legends and Lies: The Patriots

LegendsAndLiesby Timothy Lane7/10/16
By David Fisher  •  Available for the Kindle  •  Unlike the first volume in this series, in which each chapter provides a short biography of a noted figure, this starts with 5 chapters that focus on certain patriots (Samuel Adams and Paul Revere; John Adams; Benjamin Franklin; George Washington; Thomas Jefferson) More » • (1235 views)

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This Day in History: July 2

by Timothy Lane7/2/16

American independence is celebrated on July 4, but the process involved several other days with important decisions, one of which was arguably more important. More » • (750 views)

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This Day in History: June 28, 2016

by Timothy Lane6/28/16

June 28 is most noted for a pair of Balkan events. On June 28, 1387 (I don’t know how this date is affected by still using the Julian calendar, but that’s the date that comes down to us), the Ottoman Turks decisively defeated the medieval Serbian kingdom, setting the stage for their defeat of Hungary a few decades later. More » • (424 views)

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This Day in History: June 22, 2016

by Timothy Lane6/22/16

Someone who has a good command of data can find plenty of things that happened on any day, most of them relatively minor. June 22 is noted for the coincidence that two of Europe’s greatest conquerors both made the same mistake on this day. More » • (387 views)

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Trump and Magic

by Timothy Lane6/10/16

I was reading a short article on Hot Air which discussed Trump, and especially the fact that he needs to maintain some degree of self-discipline for 6 weeks, i.e., until the GOP convention is over. After that, no party revolt will be able to accomplish anything (even then, it’s hard to imagine what they could accomplish). More » • (386 views)

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