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Book Review: Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine

by Tim Jones5/24/18
What happens when a country tries to social engineer its way to paradise:”You have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelette”  •   Anyone that has interest in historical atrocities committed in the name of Marxist utopianism More » • (178 views)

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Peace, Love, and Helter Skelter

by Tim Jones11/21/17

What do Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and Charles Manson all Have in Common? The sixties.  •  Roger Simon recently wrote a commentary titled Bill Clinton: Godfather of Weinstein and Roy Moore. The premise of his essay is that Clinton changed the culture that paved the way for the bad behavior and all of the other sexual misconduct in the political, entertainment and media realms that seems to be flowing out into the public like a broken dike: More » • (227 views)

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A Cold Civil War

by Tim Jones5/2/17

Back in January conservative columnist Dennis Prager gave his take on the state of the union – and it was not good. In a piece called America’s Second Civil War, it begins with the following: More » • (1217 views)

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The Opioid Epidemic

by Tim Jones4/17/17
And the Fear of Missing Out on all of the Fun. What Happens When Our Image-World Says Life Should be Pain-Free  •  Lately there’s been a great deal of media coverage of the opioid crisis that is going on in the country. More » • (1728 views)

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Movie Review: La La Land

by Tim Jones1/20/17
La La Land Makes a Conservative Movie Called “La La Land”  •  There is a certain irony that the movie La La Land at its core is a movie based on conservative values such as the preservation and timelessness of tradition, obligation and self-sacrifice. More » • (650 views)

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Is Conservatism and its Values the New Counterculture?

countercultureby Tim Jones9/19/16
If I had to guess, being hip began around the time of Prohibition when drinking went underground and it became a form of rebellion in order to stick it in the nose of the government by going to the local ‘Speak Easy’ on a regular basis. More » • (2416 views)

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The House that Liberalism Built

by Tim Jones7/10/16

Liberalism has evolved to the point where it now dominates virtually every segment of American society: media, academia, entertainment and now even religion and corporate America. More » • (631 views)

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Movie Review: Fight Club

Fight_Club_2by Tim Jones6/25/16
The Unbearable Banality of Modern Living  •  Fight Club is a scathing critique of the consumerism, materialism and shallowness that is today’s America. That is the overriding theme but there are additional layers to this outstanding movie More » • (827 views)

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Why Progressivism is a Fraud

Progressivismby Tim Jones6/8/16
Progressivism is an Imposter that Fabricated a Secular Religion. It is an Ideology that Has Usurped Christian values and morality.  •  Today’s self-help books are nothing but cheap facsimiles of the Bible, the original “self-help” book More » • (1019 views)

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Defining Deviancy Down

Deviancyby Tim Jones5/25/16
The Slow-Motion Destruction of Taboos and How it Leads to Authoritarianism  •  Liberalism has successfully normalized taboos, everything from legalizing pot, pornography to sexual deviancy. More » • (1654 views)

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Failed Idealism: The Big Chill, Revisited

TheBigChillby Tim Jones5/18/16
“Was it all just a fad?” It is probably fairly well known by those that have seen The Big Chill, and for those that haven’t, the primary theme is the failure of the idealism of the Sixties and how for most who participated in the protests and rebellions succumbed to joining the “establishment” once the Vietnam Era came to an end. More » • (933 views)

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Self-Idolatry and The Church of Me

SelfIdolatryby Tim Jones4/12/16
Atheists and Secular Liberals Raging against a Materialistic World of Their Own Creation  •   “The rebellion of the new ideologies against the Tao is a rebellion of the branches against the tree: More » • (1671 views)

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