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Facebook Stormtroopers Save the Earth

by T8/17/17
Answer very carefully, Facebookers: do you now, or have you ever believed that the right of free speech should be denied to anyone, whether they have broken any law or not? When you hear people chanting: “No Free Speech for Racists!” Are you on board with that? More » • (303 views)

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What is Sweeter than Honey? What is Stronger than a Lion?

Lionby T7/30/15
OK, time to weigh in on the Cecil the Lion story. First let me say that the slaughter of a protected animal is heartbreaking. I understand the rage this kind of thing causes. Tracking and killing the Nemean Lion with his bare hands made Hercules a hero of Greek mythology. More » • (2809 views)

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Marxist Vampires at the Window

WindowVampireThumbby T  10/28/13
I never cease to be amused when Marxists are mystified by the idea that people choose to act in their own self interest. They become indignant, as if everyone is pissing in the punch bowl at their party. This effect is happening as we speak with the fallout of the Obamacare debacle. More » • (1165 views)

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