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Book Review: Dereliction of Duty

Derelictionby Steve Lancaster    2/26/14
By H.R. McMaster  •  A service member who is derelict has willfully refused to perform his duties (or follow a given order) or has incapacitated himself in such a way that he cannot perform his duties. Such incapacitation includes the person falling asleep while on duty requiring wakefulness, More » • (6659 views)

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Book Review: James Madison

JamesMadisonRBby Steve Lancaster    2/24/14
By Richard Brookhiser  •  The steps of the main library of The College of New Jersey at Princeton are worn smooth and have been impacted by thousands of students over two hundred years. One can imagine the history of these students and their professors. Somewhere on these steps little James Madison must have trod. More » • (2970 views)

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Where is the Media?

by Steve Lancaster    2/23/14

Several weeks ago I wrote that the modern progressive movement’s endorsement of abortion was based in the eugenics movement of the early 20th century, and that Margaret Sanger, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft and Woodrow Wilson provided the intellectual basis for the racist ideology of the Nazi Party. I said, More » • (774 views)

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Grave of a Warrior

OldSoldierby Steve Lancaster    2/22/14
It happens several times a year, mostly when we are traveling and almost always in my beloved South. Someone will notice my Vietnam veteran hat and quietly thank me for service. More » • (1283 views)

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Grace of America

Graceby Steve Lancaster   2/19/14
Frederick Jackson Turner proposed in the 1890’s that the frontier was the embodiment of the American character. He presents the frontier as a special element of the American experience; however, it is not the physical frontier but a more ephemeral concept of the people that make up the special nature of America. More » • (889 views)

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The New Savonarola

Savonarolaby Steve Lancaster   2/5/14
At the end of the 15th century, Europe was a confusion of conflicting fledging nation states, competing cities, and the Papal States. In the Florence of the Medici — the center of art, literature and culture in Italy — 1492 saw the death of Lorenzo “the Magnificent” and the rise of an obscure monk, Savonarola. More » • (1068 views)

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

by Steve Lancaster   2/3/14

This was not a waste of money. In fact I found it to be one of the best comedies in the last 10 years. I doubt that it was intended to be so, but anyone who has done real intelligence work will laugh till their sides hurt. More » • (741 views)

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The American Western

TheSearchersby Steve Lancaster   2/3/14
Much has been said about the western recently. Brad has written movingly about the characters in Lonesome Dove, Open Range and Broken Trail. These are great movies in their own right and there is little I could add to the commentary. More » • (1015 views)

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Who is Obama?

BigBrotherby Steve Lancaster   1/26/14
The United States is in the middle of one of the forty year cycles of scrutiny of core values. This examination is often prompted by economic crisis, and the credit meltdown of 2008/09 was certainly that. More » • (2367 views)

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The War for the Old Republic

DontTreadThumbby Steve Lancaster   1/20/14
The War Between the States was fought over the issue of slavery but the implicit purpose of the war was to define what style of government would dominate in North America. More » • (2026 views)

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A Job to Do

WorkEthhicby Steve Lancaster   1/8/14
Not long ago I was visiting with my grandson and his family. We had left post housing for the NCO club and were enjoying a few beers. My grandson had recently returned from the sandbox, for the third time, and with a few of his friends we were telling stories of Army and Marines from Vietnam to Iraq. More » • (1638 views)

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TV Series Review: Victory at Sea

VictoryAtSeaby Steve Lancaster   1/5/14
This is not so much a movie review as a series review. This is a black and white documentary of the importance of naval power and how the United States Navy defeated Japan in the Pacific. There are episodes devoted to the war in the Atlantic, but for the most part it’s a tribute to the men and women who with limited resources won the war in the Pacific. More » • (2824 views)

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