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Bridging the Gap

DontTreadThumbby Steve Lancaster   4/30/14
A follow up to the continuing dialog  •  Conservatives and Libertarians are two sides of the same 24 karat coin. That coin, fired to purity over thousands of years, is called freedom. For the first 150 years in North America freedoms philosophy concentrated on experimenting with liberty and the colonies were the laboratory. More » • (3192 views)

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Ongoing Dialogue

DontTreadThumbby Steve Lancaster   4/28/14
On one issue libertarians and conservatives can agree with little rancor is that freedom is our birthright, and the basic rights are inalienable. An ordinary person making an honest income, living his life without interfering in the business of others is also an ideal that both would agree is not utopian. More » • (2089 views)

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Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto

DontHurtPeopleby Steve Lancaster    4/12/14
MATT KIBBE is the president and CEO of FreedomWorks, a national grassroots organization that serves citizens in their fight for more individual freedom and less government control. More » • (4517 views)

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The True Believer and The Ordeal of Change by Eric Hoffer

EricHofferby Steve Lancaster    3/26/14
As a group, Americans are not the type to join mass movements, at least not for long. We are an opinionated people and do not take well to conformity. However, in the last fifteen years or so, there are significant changes to the psyche on both sides of the political spectrum. More » • (6153 views)

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Language and Culture

by Steve Lancaster    3/25/14

This week two events not related and unplanned but comparable in essential matters. On Saturday I escorted my wife to a friend’s house for meeting of the Daughters of the Confederacy. The friend’s husband, 88 is suffering from Alzheimer’s and his memory is fading. More » • (764 views)

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Best-of List

by Steve Lancaster    3/21/14

This list is the result of a few beers with friends mostly Marines, and mostly made up on 10 Novembers over the last several years. No apologies are offered if you do not agree. However, I suggest if you aint’t been there and done that, think twice as the subjective and the empirical are mixed. More » • (3200 views)

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Nice to be Hated by Both Sides

by Steve Lancaster    3/12/14

Final results from FL 13th: More » • (846 views)

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Progressives Can Be Funny

DemolitionWomanby Steve Lancaster    3/7/14
There are two movies that Hollywood wishes they had not made and that they would not make today. Both are satires on the progressive mindset. The first, released in 1980, is Serial, starring Martin Mull, Tuesday Weld, Tom Smothers, and Christopher Lee. It is directed by Bill Persky who at the time was perhaps best known for the television series That Girl. More » • (2070 views)

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University Follies

ThreeClownsby Steve Lancaster    3/4/14
Ah, the modern American university. Home of free speech, searchers of truth and justice. When I was younger a degree from almost any university was considered essential to join the middle class. More » • (973 views)

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Very Scary Times

by Steve Lancaster    3/1/14

Recently the administration announced a RIF (reduction in force) for the military. The army will take the bulk of the cuts with the force reduced by 70-100 thousand men. The plan is to retire the A-10 warthog by 2020 and smaller cuts in Marine and Navy personnel and a slowdown in ship construction. More » • (1002 views)

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Ain’t Dead Yet

AintDeadYetby Steve Lancaster    2/28/14
Almost 100 years ago, Oswald Spengler postulated that the West was in a death spiral leading to the violent end of American and European civilization. After the 20th century, that prediction seems more likely than it did in 1918. Well-respected scholars have addressed this idea, among them Victor Davis Hanson. More » • (4683 views)

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Book Review: Dereliction of Duty

Derelictionby Steve Lancaster    2/26/14
By H.R. McMaster  •  A service member who is derelict has willfully refused to perform his duties (or follow a given order) or has incapacitated himself in such a way that he cannot perform his duties. Such incapacitation includes the person falling asleep while on duty requiring wakefulness, More » • (6628 views)

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