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Head Nod

HeadNodby Steve Lancaster6/12/15
It happens most often among men, although I have seen women do it. It seems to be generational — mostly those about 40 and up. When you are out in public it’s almost always at the mall, a restaurant, or bookstore. I believe it is more of a Southern custom than Yankee, or Western. But you see it there also. More » • (1459 views)

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American Pharaoh

by Steve Lancaster6/7/15

There was a horse race today, most of you may have heard of it, and many of you watched it. American Pharaoh completed the third race of the racing Triple Crown with his impressive win in the Belmont. More » • (1433 views)

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The Duggar Mess

Duggarby Steve Lancaster    5/26/15
Over the last few days the media has been rife with the sad story of Josh Duggar and the rest of the Duggar clan. I do not in any way contend that Josh Duggar’s acts are ok or even marginal. More » • (1514 views)

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Coming to a City Near You

GenderNeutralby Steve Lancaster    1/7/15
Well, it’s been a while and things here in the “land of opportunity” are going weird. This summer our City Council in an effort to brown nose the LGBT groups, (pun intended) I won’t call them a community, passed an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against the LGBT. More » • (1087 views)

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Movie Review: We Were Soldiers

WeWereSoldiersby Steve Lancaster    6/5/14
Not long ago I wrote a review of The Great Santini. I would like to follow it up with a review of We Were Soldiers Once, and Young. The book, by one of the most respected reporters of the 20th century, Joe Galloway, is solid reporting of the Vietnam War More » • (1711 views)

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The World Wars

HistoryChannelby Steve Lancaster    5/28/14
The History Channel is currently running a three day mini-series on WWI, the interwar years, and WWII focusing on leaders who served in WWI and came to power just before or during WWII. More » • (1517 views)

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Two outcomes from a visit to the DR

by Steve Lancaster    5/22/14

Two weeks ago I went to my GP for a checkup. He assured me that I was in great shape for a man of 80, I’m 66. He noticed a spot on my back, referred me to a dermatologist who took a biopsy and two weeks later a small skin cancer, Basel cell, was removed, most likely the result of sunburns on China beach Vietnam in 1970. More » • (784 views)

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Book Review: I Saw Ramallah

Ramallahby Steve Lancaster    5/18/14
I Saw Ramallah, by Mourid Barghouti, is a personal journey by an exile from the West Bank who returns after thirty years. Barghouti presents the problem of Arab exiles from the West Bank in the most sympathetic method imaginable. More » • (1474 views)

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Review: The Great Santini

GreatSantiniby Steve Lancaster    5/12/14
Pat Conroy is Georgia born and son of a marine fighter pilot. In 1963 he joined Citadel, Military College of South Carolina and that experience resulted in his books Boo (1970) and the Lords of Discipline (1980) and a long term rift between Citadel administration and Conway More » • (2349 views)

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Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Taxesby Steve Lancaster    5/7/14
Do you like the IRS? If you are a thinking adult of any age the answer most likely is NO! The revelations about IRS stonewalling of conservative groups 501 status are only a part of the mugging that is the IRS. More » • (924 views)

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Book Review: Coming Apart

ComingApartby Steve Lancaster    5/4/14
Murray is perhaps best known for a book co-authored with psychologist Richard J. Herrnstein in 1994, The Bell Curve. Herrnstein passed away before the book was published and as the only living author Murray took both the kudos and the critical arrows. More » • (1363 views)

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Reality of Obamacare

by Steve Lancaster    5/2/14

I had a visit with my GP yesterday. He says that I am in wonderful shape for a man of 80, I’m 66 :). One of the realities of Obamacare is the impact on his business. On registering I was informed that I could now sign up for online access to my medical records, “seriously! More » • (786 views)

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