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ButOutBagby Steve Lancaster4/13/16
Over the last few weeks I have become so tired of the national political debate that I am not watching the news much or, for that matter, even care who says what, to whom, and when.  I have checked out until August. More » • (1340 views)

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Robert E. Lee at 209

Robert-E-Lee2by Steve Lancaster1/18/16
January 19th is Robert E. Lee’s birthday. He was born in Virginia in 1807. The son of a Revolutionary War hero, Light Horse Henry Lee, Robert grew up in tenuous circumstances and in order to obtain an education his mother sent him to West Point. More » • (1437 views)

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The Donald

Trump3by Steve Lancaster1/3/16
One of the strengths of our culture is that our political system is seldom rocked by change by revolutionary passion. The founders were well aware that checks on the power of government were necessary, but also on the popular enthusiasms of the people. More » • (820 views)

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Rolling Pin Restaurant

RollingPinby Steve Lancaster12/22/15
The cooks come in at 04:30 and start prep for breakfast and at 05:30 the servers and the manager come in to prep for opening at 06:00 when the first customers come in. The early customers are, for the most part, laborers and construction workers who need to be on the job site by 07:00. More » • (871 views)

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Book Review: The Reagan Reversal

ReaganReversalby Steve Lancaster11/16/15
The Reagan Reversal: Foreign Policy and the End of the Cold War, Beth A. Fischer University of Missouri Press Columbia and London, Fischer, Beth A. (2013-10-10) University of Missouri Press. Kindle Edition. More » • (1124 views)

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240 and Counting

by Steve Lancaster11/10/15

My friends tomorrow is Veterans Day, the eleventh month, the eleventh day and the eleventh hour, a special symbolism to mark the end of WW I, or the Great War as it was known at the time. More » • (533 views)

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Book Review: Trial of a Thousand Years

Trial1000Yearsby Steve Lancaster10/30/15
Trial of a Thousand Years is a short work, and like many short books the author has packed the book with concepts and thoughts. It is an underliner and glossers feast of history, diplomacy and the grand scope of the Westphalian state system from 1648 to the present. More » • (757 views)

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A Land of Contrasts

StarOfDavidby Steve Lancaster8/28/15
22 July Monday night, Fayetteville time  •  Well, we are somewhere over the Atlantic and expect to arrive in TA about 10 in the morning Israel time. The plane is full, a small group of Americans who are making Aliyah, (in Hebrew this means to go up to Israel) are on the flight. More » • (932 views)

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Nostalgia Tour

by Steve Lancaster7/14/15

In less than one week my wife and I will be leaving our home in Arkansas. My daughter is driving us to XNA (NW Arkansas Regional) and we will leave the US for Israel via Newark Liberty International with a plane change and a layover of 3 hours. More » • (587 views)

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The West is Not Yet Dead

WesternCivilizationby Steve Lancaster7/2/15
Europe is Toast  •  I have followed the discussion of the death of the West with interest. There has been a lot of talk, relevant to the issue, but missing a key point. For nearly 2000 years the nexus of our culture was Europe. More » • (1503 views)

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2015 Commandant’s Reading List

Booksby Steve Lancaster6/29/15
The common conception of a Marine is that he or she some kind of a knuckle-dragging thug whose sole intellectual foundation is combat. Every few years the Commandant of the Marine Corps publishes a recommended reading list for Marines. More » • (1357 views)

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The AD Council

AdCouncilby Steve Lancaster6/18/15
You are watching television, or listening to the radio, and a commercial — or more correctly, a PSA (public service announcement) — comes on suggesting that if you do not have flood insurance you should. You and your home are in danger. More » • (2330 views)

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