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Oh, the Horror

by Steve Lancaster1/28/19
It is time I came clean to the awfulness. I attended public schools in the 50s and 60s, not only that but in the South. According to some it is a wonder that I can walk and chew gum at the same time. More » • (90 views)

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An Old-Fashioned Southern Wedding

by Steve Lancaster12/21/18
My wife and I just returned from a 2200-mile road trip to attend the daughter of a friend’s wedding. The groom is an engineer and owns a pizza restaurant here in Fayetteville. The bride assumed my wife’s job as a financial analyst in the Chemical Engineering department of the University of Arkansas. More » • (72 views)

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Movie Review: Operation Finale

by Steve Lancaster12/8/18
Hannah Arendt describes the Eichmann trial and what she labels, “the banality of evil” in her book, Eichmann in Jerusalem.  The phrase has slipped into common usage by people who have never read or even heard of The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), or On Violence (1970). More » • (84 views)

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Music Man and Fiddler on the Roof

by Steve Lancaster11/18/18
The American Broadway musical is seldom taken as serious drama. However, even within the confines of the musical, serious themes can be explored. In spite of energetic songs and music the musical has real people in real situations. The music sets a quality for the actor’s dialogue and contributes to the story. More » • (65 views)

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Book Review: The Glass Bead Game

by Steve Lancaster11/5/18
by Herman Hesse  •  Das Glasperienspiel  or Magister Ludi is one of Hesse’s most interesting and sophisticated works. It is fiction, science fiction, philosophy, satire and political science. Hesse is one of a prodigious group of German writers of the first half of the 20th century; More » • (59 views)

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TV Series Review: Ken Burns’ Civil War

by Steve Lancaster10/28/18
All civil wars are rebellions, but not all rebellions are civil wars. The difference being a rebellion doesn’t seek to replace the government, but to separate from it and form a separate government. More » • (147 views)

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Book Review: Why We Fight

by Steve Lancaster10/26/18
By Dr. Sebastian Gorka  •  Over the last few years we all have gotten to know Dr. Gorka. He is a regular commentator on Fox and other networks, advisor to candidate and then president Trump. He is known as an academic with a numbers of policy papers, briefings, and books under his belt. More » • (88 views)

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A most Complex, Complex

by Steve Lancaster10/19/18
The psychology glossary defines an inferiority complex as: “Inferiority Complex is a term used to describe people who compensate for feelings of inferiority (feeling like they’re less than other people, not as good as others, worthless, etc.) by acting ways that make them appear superior. More » • (237 views)

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TV Series Review: Babylon Berlin

by Steve Lancaster10/2/18
This is a Netflix series that has all the elements to be a failure. Somehow it succeeds in every venue. The series is long, 16 episodes. It is in German with subtitles, it has a train full of gold, Communists, Nazis, Weimar Republic, German nationalists, drugs, criminal underground, sex and corrupt police. More » • (194 views)

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Movie Review: Jurassic World

by Steve Lancaster9/19/18
This is the fifth in the dinosaur rebirth series, and by far the worst. The first movie, Jurassic Park (1993), had a plausible story line and wonderful CG dinosaurs. Even the second movie, Lost World (1997) in the series had some redeeming plot twists and again the CG Dinosaurs were the real stars. More » • (89 views)

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TV Series Review: Bosch

by Steve Lancaster8/26/18
The LA Cop  •  People are intrigued by cops and spies. Every year there are hundreds of books, movies and articles written about them. In the case of police dramas New York and Los Angeles lead the pack. The long running Law and Order series and its spin-offs and the continuing popularity of Blue Bloods are good examples. More » • (285 views)

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Saturday Morning at the Village Inn

by Steve Lancaster7/7/18
My wife is out of town this week, so I am a bachelor and not wanting or needing to cook I have been eating out most of the week. This morning it was breakfast at Village Inn. Village Inn is a national chain of diner style restaurants that serve breakfast 24/7. More » • (100 views)

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