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Is Trump the First “European-conservative” American Presidential Candidate?

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke1/27/16
Ever since Donald Trump’s rise to 2016-contender prominence, the rap on him, and perhaps part of his broad appeal, has been that he’s not a conservative. And he’s not — he’s a nationalistic populist. Yet there’s another way to understand The Donald’s professed politics More » • (726 views)

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Man’s Ego and Michael Bloomberg

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke1/25/16
The presidency had LBJ — now meet LBG. That’s another presidential aspirant, known to this writer as Little Big Gulp. You probably know him as ex-mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg. More » • (795 views)

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The Trump Love Affair Explained in Terms Even Beltway Pundits Can Understand

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke1/25/16
Donald Trump’s rise this election season has been historic, amounting to something heretofore unseen in the annals of American politics. Given this, it’s perhaps not surprising that many are still befuddled by the phenomenon. More » • (936 views)

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Trump, Cruz and New York Values

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke1/19/16
New York City values are going through the roof. And it’s not just real estate. A prime story the last many days has been the GOP debate dust-up between Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. After the senator impugned “New York values” in an effort to call into question the businessman’s conservative bona fides More » • (902 views)

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Donald Trump is a Political and Cultural Phenomenon

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke1/5/16
Perhaps it’s not surprising that Time magazine named Angela Merkel its “Person of the Year.” With her flooding of Europe with Muslim migrants, the German chancellor may, after all, go down in history as a primary destroyer of Western civilization. More » • (778 views)

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Hiding Malik’s Face: To be or Not to be a Muslim — that is the Question

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke12/15/15
“You ain’t no Muslim, bruv!” As you may know, this statement was uttered by a bystander after a non-Muslim Muslim™ slit the throat of a man in the Leytonstone subway station in east London last weekend. More » • (701 views)

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Where Trump is Wrong on Muslim Immigration

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke12/14/15
Donald Trump proved again why he’s the man the Establishment loves to hate, suggesting early last week that we ban Muslim immigration “until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” More » • (702 views)

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Stay out of the Bushes

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke12/9/15
The Best Reason Not to Vote for an Establishment Candidate  •  Would you hire someone for an important job if he admitted right off the bat he couldn’t perform one of the basic functions of the job? More » • (781 views)

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“Racial” and “Religious” Profiling Now — or Death Later

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke12/9/15
“If You See Something, Say Something™” the DHS slogan goes (yes, it is trademarked). “It takes a community to protect a community,” the feds continue. “Informed, alert communities play a critical role in keeping our nation safe.” More » • (638 views)

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Mizzou Crew: The Liars Who Hate the Lie of Academic Freedom

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke12/6/15
It could occur to one that the difference between “safe spaces” in today’s U.S. and yesterday’s U.S.S.R., other than the name, is the size. Here they’re tiny areas on some college campuses. In the Soviet Union they were every place apart from the tiny areas called gulags. More » • (516 views)

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San Bernardino Shooting: Political Correctness Kills

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke12/4/15
There was a tragic incident of climate change Wednesday, or so Barack Obama might say. As I was driving home that evening listening to the still sparse details on the San Bernardino shooting, the news report informed that there were two dead suspects, a man and woman. More » • (1550 views)

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Hulu Running Homosexual-themed Ad during Family/Kids Programming

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke12/2/15
What’s worse for a business’s bottom line than wading into controversial, divisive issues? Wading into controversial, divisive issues with the very demographic likely to be divided from your business by your actions. More » • (546 views)

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